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As parents, young drivers look to us for guidance. It’s up to us to encourage our young drivers to get their drivers licence and provide them with all the knowledge they need. Teaching them the skills they need to become a safe and competent driver will help reduce their chances of crashing or being injured in their first years of driving unsupervised.

Feel like being the teacher is too much pressure? Why not give your young driver a few driving lessons with a professional driving instructor? Professional driving instructors know what is required at each stage of the licencing process, therefore they’ll be able to really help your young driver refine their skills and develop their confidence before each test.

It’s important each young driver sticks to the conditions of their current license. Not sure how to talk about this? Help start the conversation by sitting down together and watching the following two videos.

Watch the second video to continue the conversation.

When it comes to choosing a vehicle to drive in, it’s important to choose one that is roadworthy and safe. The vehicle will need to have both a warrant of fitness (WOF) and be registered before you can legally drive it. Whether you’ve got a vehicle already, or want to buy one, it’s a great idea to check out the safety rating. You can do this at

Resources to help our young drivers get road-ready 

Looking for tools and resources that’ll help them pass their theory and practical tests? Encourage your young driver to visit

If you’re planning on supervising and coaching your Young Driver, download the Drive Go App (Apple & Android) which is designed for learner drivers and their parents/driving coaches.

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