Upper Harbour Cycleway redesign - Project updates Upper Harbour Cycleway redesign - Project updates

20 October 2022

We’re making some short-term changes to address the issues you’ve raised with us, and these are outlined in the below table.

We remain committed to working with the community, to identify and implement a permanent solution that enables all who travel along Upper Harbour Drive, to do so with confidence and improved safety. Our recent community workshops and other stakeholder conversations are helping shape that long-term solution, and we look forward to sharing that with you to gain your feedback in the next few weeks.

We’re aiming to give you more transport options that are safer for all road users, including motorists, people walking and cyclists of all abilities. Cycle lanes connected to form a network (just like the road network is for motorists) is important for improving cycling and cost effective compared to new purpose-built facilities. We’re committed to continuing to engage with the community to confirm an improved solution.   

We appreciate your patience and thank-you for working with us to collectively achieve this.

Interim changes will commence in November and include:


Issue you’ve told us about

Action we’re taking

144 Upper Harbour Drive


People have raised concerns about the ‘pinch point’ for vehicles in this location, occurring with previous traffic islands (called ‘pedestrian refuge’) and a concrete separator. 


Replace 3 concrete separators with rubber ones, immediately after pedestrian refuge. Vertical devices to remain.


Upper Harbour Drive / Greenhithe Road intersection


The concrete separator and additional flexiposts have limited manoeuvring space for larger vehicles to make the left turn, particularly when vehicles are queued in the flush median to turn right into Greenhithe Road.


Remove the first two concrete separators, shifting the flexiposts to where those separators were originally placed. This will make the turn easier for buses, larger vehicles, including those towing trailers.


347-379 Upper Harbour Drive


The rubbish trucks can’t straddle the separators as intended, requiring a runner to collect/replace bins on the kerbs, slowing down the emptying of bins. This results in vehicle queues forming behind the rubbish truck and potential for drivers to attempt to pass around in an unsafe manner


Replace the concrete separators with rubber ones and remove the cones/vertical devices in this location. This will also reduce the risk of damage to vehicles turning in and out of residential driveways.


Temporary traffic management

The cones used to temporarily manage traffic are getting moved or knocked onto the road, cycle path or driveways

Replace moveable cones with fixed devices.

Continually monitor traffic management, addressing concerns as they arise.