Road closure in Whitford Park Road closure in Whitford Park

There will be a road closure between Brownhill Road and Polo Lane Whitford.

Closure dates are Monday 17th to Saturday 22nd April 2023.

About the road closure 

We’re doing this work to maintain and improve your neighbourhood and to keep our communities safe. Refer to the images on this page to see the detour route.

During the closure we will be preparing and constructing the pavement basecourse layer (top granular layer). This layer is to be foam bitumen stabilised. The foaming process requires large specialised machinery.

The road closure is the safest option for all involved and will ensure safety for both workers and the public . The road construction works will be from Brownhill Road to just short of Cemetery Bridge. Whitford Park Golf Club and Turanga Creek clientele access please enter from Brownhill Road end only.

Traffic management and detours

We’ll handle traffic flow in and out of the area, and any detours. We will need to close Whitford Park Road and set up detours. Please plan ahead and think about using another route.

We’ll set up signs that give traffic directions for surrounding roads. If you live somewhere along the closed road, traffic controllers at either end of the road will help you. Please follow all signs, light signals and traffic directions.

Download the detour map.

The following are some images of construction works on Whitford Park road.

Picture of a road roller smoothing gravel on a section of the road that is being dug up, a digger is scrapping dirt next to it as normal traffic bypass on Whitford park road.

Picture of a truck and digger are parked in front of some a road being dug up as traffic drive by safely on the right hand side.