Pay gaps in Auckland Transport 2022 Pay gaps in Auckland Transport 2022

We believe in an Aotearoa New Zealand where everyone is paid fairly regardless of ethnicity, gender or ability.

Our pay gaps for 2022 are:

Group Pay Gap
Gender 13.2%
Māori 25.3%
Pasifika 23.3%

While we pay gender and ethnicity groups equally for the work they do, these groups are unevenly represented across jobs and organisational levels at Auckland Transport.

In order to address this and other related challenges we plan to monitor and track our pay gaps by:

  • Carrying out a comprehensive annual gender and ethnicity pay analysis.
  • Searching for, and eliminating, any disparities in pay equity based on the analysis.
  • Increasing representation of women and ethnicity groups across jobs and organisational levels.

Learn more about the targets we have set to achieve the above in Auckland Transport's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy