Promote walking and cycling Promote walking and cycling

Get your workplace cycling or walking

Boost healthy, active travel by getting your staff to walk or cycle – to and from work and for business meetings. Encouraging walking and cycling as forms of travel is beneficial to businesses and organizations as it leads to healthier staff with fewer sick days, increased productivity, and a lower staff turnover rate.

We can make it easy to introduce cycling or walking in your business by offering:

Cycling sessions

We can hold an informal and relaxed event to introduce your staff to cycling. We'll provide information about the options, health benefits, regional facilities and anything else needed to consider cycling as a great option for commuting.

Bike maintenance and repair workshops

This workshop will teach staff the fundamentals of bike maintenance so they feel confident to undertake basic repairs. They’ll get tips on troubleshooting as well as free check sheets.

Cycle training and a guided rides

Your staff will gain a good understanding of the road rules that apply to cyclists, advice on how to ride safely and other essentials.

They'll then get the chance to join a guided ride. This gives hands-on experience under safe conditions and shows how easy it is to start cycling to work.

Our team will bring all the bikes and equipment needed for these events and provide them to your employees for free. 

Walking sessions

Our team of walking experts will work with your business to provide ideas and support information on developing and implementing walk to work initiatives. 

These sessions could be arranged as an informal event, a drop-in session, or whatever best suits your workplace.

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