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Auckland Transport

Asset maintenance Asset maintenance

Auckland Transport is responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of much of the city’s transport infrastructure, including streets, berms and footpaths, street lights, road signs and bus shelters.

If you see a problem on our roads or a transport asset that needs maintenance, please report it so we can investigate.

Report a problem or maintenance needed

Maintenance is all about keeping our transport infrastructure in good condition so your travel around Auckland is as safe, swift and enjoyable as possible, whichever way you choose to do it.

Roadclosures 294

Road maintenance

AT carries out roadworks to maintain and improve the road network, from crack and pot hole repair to surface correction and road sweeping.

Tiverton Kerbing 220

Footpath & berm maintenance

AT maintains streets, footpaths, and grass verges or berms, so that both traffic and pedestrians can move safely.

Loading Zone 294

Road sign maintenance

AT maintains most signs on the road network, including road signs, street name signs and amenity signs.

Dirt Road 294

Road sealing

AT is responsible for sealing unsealed roads in the Auckland region, based on available funding.

Weed 294

Weed spraying

Auckland Council is responsible for the control of weeds and pest plants in our footpaths, berms, streets and roads.

Redlight 294

Traffic light maintenance

Auckland Transport is responsible for the maintenance of traffic lights.

Tiverton Pole 220

Street light maintenance

Contact us with any enquiry regarding street lighting.

Bus Stop 294 (1)

Bus stop & shelter maintenance

Report a bus shelter or stop that needs repair or cleaning, or request a new bus shelter

T2 T3 Lane 294

Ramp signals

Ramp signals manage the rate at which vehicles move along motorway on-ramps and onto the motorway