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Road maintenance Road maintenance

Auckland Transport carries out road works to maintain and develop the road network. Road works activities range from minor maintenance and road sweeping to traffic surveys and major construction. 

Road maintenance

Mountain Road Bridge constructionMaintenance of roads is undertaken to ensure the safety of traffic and to sustain the serviceability and appearance of the road. Road maintenance involves remedying defects such as potholes that occur in the carriageway from time to time (corrective maintenance) and providing treatments such as crack sealing which will slow the rate of deterioration (preventative maintenance).

Typical maintenance activities include: 

  • Crack filling and sealing.
  • Minor reshaping.
  • Minor sealing.
  • Minor stabilising.
  • Pot hole patching.
  • Surface correction.
  • Sweeping.


Resealing is carried out every summer as part of a planned (road) pavement maintenance programme. Resealing, repairs defects in the existing road surface and reduces the rate of further deterioration.

The two main types of reseal treatments carried out are bitumen resealing (chipseals) and asphalt resurfacing (hot mix). 

Seal extensions

Auckland Transport is responsible for the provision of seal extensions for the region. Unsealed roads are prioritised for seal extensions using a set of guidelines that consider factors such as traffic flow, dust nuisance, accident history and the number of properties adjacent to the road.

The outcome is a ranking of all the unsealed roads against the available budget in the Auckland Council Long-term Plan. A 10-year seal extension programme is then produced based on how many of these highest priority roads can be sealed with present funding levels.

For more information on seal extensions, please contact us.

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