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Speed limits bylaw Speed limits bylaw

The speed limits policy balances the interests of mobility and safety by ensuring speed limits are safe, appropriate and credible for the level of roadside development and the category of road for which they're set. They must also be nationally consistent.

How we review speed limits

Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2017 contains the process needed for reviewing a speed limit, which involves a rating system to determine the appropriate speed for any given road environment.

Most speed limits are up-to-date for compliance with the rule, so any changes are only expected to be necessary in locations where the road environment changes significantly, for example, in areas of high business or residential growth.

For speed limits on state highways or motorways, visit the NZ Transport Agency website.

Schedule of speed limits

The Schedule of Speed Limits lists the speed limits that were in force in Auckland, grouped alphabetically by road name for each level of speed limit, as of 27 June 2012. 

Download: Schedule 1 - Schedule of Speed Limits 2012 (PDF 1MB)

This schedule will not be updated as changes are made to speed limits. Instead, changes to speed limits will be recorded in the separate Register of Speed Limits that Auckland Transport will maintain as required by the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2017. It is this register that will be kept up to date as changes are made by Auckland Transport. 

Speed limit bylaw 2012

Download: Auckland Transport Speed Limits Bylaw 2012 (PDF 40KB)

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