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Over-dimension & overweight permits Over-dimension & overweight permits

There are national rules regulating the maximum length, width, height, mass and axle loadings of all vehicles that travel on our roads and bridges. In some situations, it's necessary to exceed these limits and you must obtain a special permit to do so in advance.

Permits fall into 3 categories:

If the operation of a vehicle also requires a lane closure or other traffic management considerations, you may need to file a Non-Excavation Corridor Access Request (NECAR).

Application and approval process

The rules regulating the maximum length, width, height, mass and axle loadings of vehicles travelling on the road and bridges are defined in the New Zealand Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2002, and amendments.

All applications for permits to exceed these dimensions and mass limits need to be made in advance via the NZTA Truck Permit Portal.

If your route also involves roads controlled by Auckland Transport (AT), NZTA will consult with AT to gain approval and include any local conditions that must be complied with. Permits are usually restricted to specific routes and travel times. They may contain special conditions about speed, engineering supervision, and how to cross bridges or other structures.

Most applications involve both NZTA roads and AT roads. AT and NZTA work together to process these applications and produce a combined AT and NZTA permit. In some cases, NZTA and AT may process and approve separate permits and charge separate fees for their own networks.

Permit scenarios

HPMV permit - AT and/or NZTA networks

  • Permit issued by: NZTA.
  • Fee charged by: NZTA.

If an HPMV application involves roads under AT control, then AT will check their bridges and roads and make a recommendation back to NZTA to approve or decline. NZTA is responsible for issuing all HPMV permits and will charge a fee if a permit is issued. AT will not charge a fee.

Overweight permit - NZTA network only

  • Permit issued by: NZTA.
  • Fee charged by: NZTA.

If the application only involves roads under NZTA control (ie State Highways and Motorways) and/or AT O/W bypass routes, then NZTA will process the application, and approve or decline it, and charge a fee. NZTA has been delegated authority to issue Overweight Permits on the AT Bypass Routes.

Overweight permit (single or multi-trip) - AT network only

  • Permit issued by: AT.
  • Fee charged by: AT.

If the Overweight single- or multiple-trip permit only involves roads under the control of AT, then the permit is referred to AT for approval or decline and AT will issue an AT permit and charge a fee.

Overweight permit (single or multi-trip) - AT and NZTA networks

  • Permit issued by: NZTA.
  • Fee charged by: NZTA.

For O/W single or multiple trip permits that are on both the AT and NZTA networks, AT and NZTA will check their respective networks. AT will send their recommendations and conditions to NZTA and NZTA will issue or decline a combined permit. NZTA will charge a fee. AT will not charge a fee.

Continuous/Area permit - AT and NZTA

  • Permit issued by: AT and NZTA.
  • Fee Charges by: AT and NZTA.

For Continuous or Area permits, NZTA and AT will check their respective networks and will issue separate permits for their respective networks. NZTA will charge a fee for the NZTA permit and AT will charge a fee for the AT permit.

How to apply for an Overweight (O/W) permit

Apply for an Overweight permit at the NZTA Truck Permit Portal

For specialist advice please contact AT's Senior Bridge Engineer on (09) 448 7081.

How to apply for a High Productivity Motor Vehicle (HPMV) permit

If the HPMV Route involves travel on AT roads, NZTA will refer the application to AT for checking, setting of any special conditions, and approval. NZTA will then issue a combined HPMV permit for motorways and state highways and local AT roads on behalf of AT.

Apply for a HPMV permit at the NZTA Truck Permit Portal

How to apply for an Over-dimension (O/D) permit

To make an application phone 0800 683 774 or e-mail to request a form.

NZTA approves all Over-dimension permits. If the route for a large load, class 3 or 4 or greater than 5.0m in height passes through any AT roads, then NZTA will seek input and conditions from AT.

Overweight and Over-dimension transport routes

In addition to State Highways, there is an established network of Overweight (sometimes called Overweight Bypass Routes) and Over-dimension routes through the AT network.

These routes are shown on 2 sets of maps on the NZTA website:

  • Over-dimension routes that are generally maintained clear of obstructions that could hinder the travel of over-dimension vehicles/loads.
  • Overweight routes where the bridges and roads are generally strong enough to accommodate overweight vehicles/loads.

These are the preferred routes for O/D and O/W vehicles to use. Truck operators are still required to obtain Over-dimension and Overweight permits to use these routes as normal.

Non-Excavation Corridor Access Requests and traffic management plans

Where the operation of an Over-dimension or Overweight permit will affect normal traffic flow on a road - especially when stationary and loading or unloading, closing a lane(s), or while the load passes over a bridge or around a difficult corner - you will need to lodge a Non-Excavation Corridor Access Request (NECAR) in advance.

This must be accompanied by a traffic management plan (TMP) indicating what measures will be in place to protect the traffic, public, and workmen from harm during the transportation operation.

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