Auckland Transport

Management policy statement



To describe Auckland Transport’s policy for managing health and safety associated with all its activities.


All employees, suppliers, and volunteers working for or on behalf of Auckland Transport, and all other persons working in Auckland Transport workplaces.

It has been completed to align with Auckland Transport’s health and safety framework.

Policy statement

Auckland Transport is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for all those involved with its activities including employees, contractors, volunteers and all other persons working in or visiting our workplaces.

We will achieve this through an effective partnership between management, our employees, and all those working for us that will promote a culture of zero harm and by taking all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of all people associated with our operations.

We will:

  • Comply with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, and industry standards;
  • Commit managers and employees, at all levels, to be responsible and accountable for the health, wellbeing, and safety of themselves and others;
  • Establish, encourage, and support consultation and participation between managers and employees and their representatives in all matters relating to health and safety;
  • Ensure that appropriate resources and processes are in place to effectively identify, manage and monitor health and safety risks including the effective communication of risk treatments.
  • Design, construct, maintain, and operate our assets to ensure a safe and healthy working environment;
  • Establish, review, and continuously improve the health and safety framework, its systems and associated procedures, to manage health and safety in the workplace – including adopting applicable international best practice standards and setting and measuring (SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) targets;
  • Report, record, and investigate all work-related incidents including: ill health, discomfort, injury, property damage, unsafe behaviours or conditions, and implement corrective action where appropriate
  • Ensure all those engaged by Auckland Transport are competent or are supervised by a competent person and provide appropriate and timely training to ensure on going competence;
  • Ensure employees are trained and equipped to deal safely with situations that may arise out of the work they are doing or while they are at work;
  • Promote and actively lead wellness initiatives among all employees to ensure a healthy and safe workplace and to encourage balanced lifestyle choices;
  • Ensure effective treatment and rehabilitation of any injured employee to ensure an early and lasting return to work; and
  • Through the above, build and foster a positive culture of excellence in health and safety


See H&S Definitions for full definitions.


Chief Executive, Divisional Manager; Group Managers, General Managers, and Department Managers at Auckland Transport.


A universal term covering supplier / contractor / sub-contractor / operator to AT.  See H&S Definitions for a full definition.


A reference to a workplace includes all premises (whether owned, leased, or controlled by or on behalf of Auckland Transport), including offices, operational sites, and company vehicles. 

Roles and responsibilities

All employees,  representatives, suppliers, and consultants

All employees, contractors, and consultants are to be familiar with and give effect to this policy.

CE, divisional, general, group or department manager

Ensure that they and all staff understand and give effect to this Policy and any associated procedures.

Policy owner/s
Health and safety manager

Monitoring and updating of this policy and procedure. The Policy will be reviewed every two years.

Employees and representatives should make themselves familiar with Auckland Transport policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and business rules, particularly those which govern and guide processes and functions in relation to their specific role. Ignorance of any Auckland Transport policy or process is not an acceptable excuse if a breach occurs.

Breach of an Auckland Transport policy may result in disciplinary action being taken against employees, up to and including dismissal and the termination of a representative's agreement/arrangement with Auckland Transport.

Auckland Transport reserves the right to review, amend or add to this policy at any time upon reasonable notice to employees and representatives.

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