About the Travelwise programme About Travelwise

Travelwise is an innovative programme to make school travel safer, healthier and more fun.

The programme works with primary, intermediate and secondary schools to:

  • encourage and increase use of active travel modes and public transport.
  • provide safer facilities for all road users.
  • reduce congestion around schools.

With Travelwise, schools create individualised Safe School Travel Plans with meaningful visions and practical actions to create a safer and less congested environment outside the school. Our whole-school approach supports and encourages your school to incorporate road safety and sustainable travel into school culture, governance and long-term planning.

Travelwise also offers a wide range of resoures and opportunities to participate in regional activities and campaigns.

The whole-school approach

For a safe school travel plan to be successful the following 3 key components must be considered every step of the way: 


Schools use student-centred, curriculum based strategies to enhance road safety and active transport knowledge and awareness across all year levels.

  • Road safety and active transport education programmes are embedded in a curriculum framework.
  • School management supports staff to implement road safety education.
  • Use student-centred, interactive strategies.
  • Actively engage students in skill development.
  • Help students to influence their peers as safe road users.

Ethos and organisation

School provide and reinforce consistent, culturally-considerate road safety and active transport messages to their school community.

  • Wider school community are consulted when developing and reviewing road safety and active transport plans, policies and procedures.
  • School management actively promotes and supports road safety and active transport.
  • School staff model appropriate road safety behaviours and attitudes.
  • Review the school traffic environment.

Parents and community

Schools show their commitment to road safety and active transport through their policies, school environment and culture.

  • Parents provided with information to reinforce road safety and active transport messages and skills.
  • School community consulted to reinforce safety and active transport messages and skills.
  • Collaborate with other school programme stakeholders to complement school road safety programmes.
  • Encourage road safety and active transport through community events and projects.
  • Work with other Auckland schools to promote road safety and active transport.

Travelwise works

Since its inception in 2005, the Travelwise programme has contributed to long-term safety benefits and reduced congestion around Auckland schools. Achievements include:

  • Over 250,000 students involved in the programme.
  • 75% of all Auckland school-aged students attend a Travelwise School.
  • 58% reduction in crashes around schools that involve pedestrians and cyclists aged 5 to 13.

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