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Parking permits

Parking permits are required for some residential areas and certain types of work or events.

Resident parking permits

Provide a way to fairly share on-street spaces between different users, especially in areas where parking is in short supply. See for St Marys Bay and Eden Park.

Essential services permits

For organisations that carry out work essential to the effective running of the city.

Temporary parking permits

To assist businesses where delivery or collection of goods is likely to take longer than the time provided by a loading zone.

Mobility parking permits

Enables permit holders to park in reserved parking spaces or to park longer than the stated time in some car parks and metered spaces.

Filming permits

Required by production companies for any parking or road closures due to filming or an event.

Non-Excavation Corridor Access Requests

A Non-Excavation Corridor Access Request (formerly known as an Operations in the Street Permit) is required for work in the road reserve that does not involve physical excavation (digging).