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Auckland Transport

Parking permits Parking permits

Parking permits are required for some residential areas and certain types of work or events.

Residential Parking 294

Resident parking permits

Manage demand for on-street spaces, especially in areas where parking is in short supply.

Traffic light road works 294

Critical services permits

For organisations that need parking in critical and emergency situations.

Mobility 294

Mobility parking permits

Enables permit holders to park in reserved parking spaces or to park longer than the stated time in some car parks and metered spaces.

Film Permits 294

Filming & event permits

Required by production companies for any parking or road closures due to filming or an event.

Crane 294

Corridor Access Requests

If you're planning to do some work or activity on the road, footpath or berm that will affect its normal operation, you need to submit a Corridor Access Request.

Onstreet Parking 294

Pay for your parking permit

Find out how to pay for your parking permit.

Policy for parking permits

Auckland Transport's parking strategy (adopted in May 2015) provides a fair and consistent approach to managing parking in Auckland. The strategy contains a policy for issuing parking permits, establishing clear criteria to ensure they are only issued to organisations that need them to carry out critical or important work.

Under the policy, AT will only offer these parking permit categories:

  • Critical services permit.
  • Residential permit.
  • Event permit.
  • Authorised vehicles parking permit.

Permits that don’t fit into the new permit categories are being phased out. We will transition all existing parking permits to the new permit categories by mid 2016.

Find out more about what we've got planned for parking permits.