Filming permits Filming permits

To reserve parking spaces for any technical vehicles associated with a film shoot in the Auckland region, you must apply for a film parking permit. These permits are specifically for essential film equipment vehicles and are not intended for crew vehicle use.

About film parking permits

The film parking permit process is designed to:

  • Allow film production companies to legally place cones to reserve parking for film equipment vehicles.
  • Integrate parking applications with the AT works coordination system. This gives us greater knowledge of the location of film shoots and potential clashes of activity to allow any conflicts to be worked through before filming starts.

To be eligible for a parking permit, you will need to agree to and sign the Screen Auckland Reserved Parking Traffic Management Plan. If you have not done so, please contact Screen Auckland to arrange this prior to submitting a film parking permit request.

If you are filming on private property, prior consultation with surrounding businesses and residents should be undertaken to ensure your activity does not unduly affect day to day operations in the area.

To film or place filming equipment in Auckland public places such as footpaths, roads, parks and beaches you will probably require a permit. Please contact Screen Auckland before proceeding.

How to apply for a film parking permit

  1. Applications should be lodged at least 3 working days prior to your requested parking date.
    Please consider the day to day use of the target area and whether you may need to add additional lead time to your request to ensure the parks you want are available at the right time.
  2. Complete the AT Film Parking Permit request form
    Be sure to include the following:
    • Location (including exact length or number of spaces requested).
    • Mud map.
    • Timing (dates and times including ‘bump in’ lead time, if applicable).
    • Contact details.
  3. Email completed form and mud map to and copy in your Screen Auckland Film Facilitator.
    If you do not have a designated Film Facilitator or your filming activity is on private property, please copy in

Approval process

Once your application is submitted, the request will be reviewed by an AT Film Specialist with communication and/or approval returned by email.

In some cases, further coordination with other contractors in the area or specific stakeholder groups is required prior to approval.

Please allow at least 3 working days for this process.

On the day

Any staff involved in setting out cones to reserve spaces or acting as location security should be familiar with the Screen Auckland Reserved Parking Traffic Management Plan (TMP).

Your permit must be available on site at all times, and the front page should be printed and displayed on the dash of each permitted vehicle, easily viewable for parking wardens.

For more information regarding Film Parking Permits please contact

For any other film enquiries, you can contact Screen Auckland

Terms and conditions

  • A film parking permit is only valid for use during an approved filming activity.
  • The permit does not apply to loading zones. Vehicles parked in loading zones must comply with time restrictions.
  • The permit does not apply to P2, P5, P10 or P15 time restrictions.
  • The permit does not apply to prohibited parking areas such as broken yellow lines, clearways, bus stops, taxi stands or mobility parking bays.
  • The permit does not apply where an existing temporary traffic management plan is in place.
  • The permit does not guarantee the availability of any parking space. All parking operates on a 'first in, first served' basis.
  • The permit cannot be used in a vehicle that is parked for the primary use of advertising or promotion.
  • Any abuse of the terms and conditions may result in future applications being refused.
  • AT reserves the right to revoke the permit at any time.

For more information

Contact Auckland Transport