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Xero is the winner of the Flexible Future award from the Travelwise Choices Awards 2020.

Xero with the Flexible Future awardRyan Ghisi from Xero accepting the Flexible Future award.

Flexibility has always been more than a word for the team at Xero, it's been a way of life. The software giant caters to each individual employee's needs and championed a 'one size fits one' approach from early in the company's inception. It's no wonder then that Xero is the 2020 Flexible Future Award winner.

Flexible working was a way of life for the people at Xero, long before COVID-19 entered the scene. It was Xero's former CEO and founder Rob Drury who kicked off the flexible mindset. Drury realised that if he created a great work environment for his employees, good work would follow. Jump to 2020, and the results couldn’t be better. Xero surveyed their employee's every three weeks during COVID-19 and found employee's felt not only more productive and motivated, but also more supported and connected too.

Xero's Global People Programmes General Manager, Ryan Ghisi puts it down to several factors, but really highlights their world-leading wellbeing programme. Xero's wellbeing programme covers every inch of an employee's wellbeing:

  • physical,
  • social,
  • emotional,
  • financial,
  • mental and environmental wellbeing.

The programme includes things like education on nutrition and health issues, stress programmes, a family day, flu jabs and more.

The flexible mindset doesn't just end at flexible working. From the lack of dress code, to wellbeing programmes and onsite gyms, Xero truly encourages their employees to embrace flexibility in all aspects of their lives. This caring approach can best be summed up in one of Xero's core values, Human. The 'human' value is about more than just not being a robot, it's about bringing your whole self to work, about sharing your own perspective and being real. And we love a company that truly cares about its employees and customers.

We look forward to seeing what Xero does in the future and congratulate them on being the 2020 Flexible Future Award winner.

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