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Cook Street, Auckland Central - Walking & cycling improvements Cook Street, Auckland Central - Walking & cycling improvements

Proposal status: closed 28 June 2018

Reference number: MIP1718-249

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We are proposing to improve walking and cycling connections along Cook Street in the Central City.

Changes to Cook Street

  • Reducing the number and width of some traffic lanes on Cook Street.
  • Reducing the motorway off-ramp to one lane, including new gateway signage and coloured road surfacing with speed limit markings.
  • Installing new traffic signals at the intersection of Morton and Cook Street, including pedestrian and cyclist crossing phases.
  • Installing an additional lane on Sam Wrigley Street to improve safety for vehicles exiting from Cook Street.
  • Electronic driver speed feedback signs and flashing 'hidden queue ahead' sign on approach to signalised intersection.
  • New traffic island on northern side of Cook Street.
  • Trimming of lower branches of mature trees to ensure visibility.
  • A net-loss of 24 on-street car parks along Cook Street to ensure safety and visibility.

Proposed pedestrian safety changes

  • New footpath, raised zebra crossings and pedestrian refuge islands near Drake Street, including extending the existing footpath to reduce crossing distances.
  • New zebra crossing at Sale Street, including new traffic islands to direct vehicle movements.
  • Sale Street parking bay better organised, including no parking on the berm.

Proposed cycle paths

  • Union Street to Sale Street: 4.0 metre bi-directional cycle way alongside 1.8 metre footpath. 
  • Sales Street to Morton Street: 3.0 metre bi-directional on-road cycle lane with cycle-separators.
  • Morton Street to Nelson Street: 1.8 metre single-direction on-road cycle lanes with cycle-separators.

The proposed cycle paths will connect to the Nelson Street cycle way, Victoria Park and Franklin Road cycle way (currently under construction).

Cook Street proposal drawing

Download the proposal drawing for Cook Street (PDF 2.93MB)

Why the changes are needed

The proposal aims to ease high traffic speeds on Cook Street by reducing the number of traffic lanes, providing safe zebra crossings, new traffic signals at Morton Street, and cycle paths.

There has been a significant increase in the number of residential developments in this area and these changes will provide much safer options for people walking or travelling by bicycle.

These are interim changes which are expected to address foreseeable pedestrian and cyclist demand until the City Centre Masterplan is implemented as part of Auckland Council’s 20-year vision.

Find out more about the City Centre Masterplan and its vision on the Auckland Council website