Auckland Secondary School ID cards are going digital Auckland Secondary School ID cards are going digital

AT is working with digital ID experts Yoti to introduce new, digital student ID cards for Auckland's secondary school students

An image of a smartphone open to the Yoti app, showing a student's digital secondary school ID card. The student's photo, name, date of birth, student ID number, student status, and student ID expiry date are all visible.

Using the Yoti app, secondary school students can download their student ID and carry it on their phone. They can then use their Yoti ID to apply for a secondary concession on their AT HOP cards. This will help us cut down on plastic waste and give students a quicker, easier option for getting their student ID cards. 

Yoti protects students' personal information. The app also encourages social distancing by letting students generate QR codes, which they can use to verify themselves quickly and safely.

These new digital ID cards will be available free of charge. Plastic ID cards will still be available for schools and students that require them. Contact us at with the subject line "Digital Secondary ID" if your school would like to learn more about providing digital ID cards to your students.