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Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead - Transit Lane Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead - Transit Lane

Proposal status: closed 4 April 2019

Reference number: NOP1819-013

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We are proposing to install a new, 400m southbound T3 lane operating between 6:30am-10am, Monday to Friday on Birkenhead Avenue between Recreation Drive and Onewa Road in Birkenhead. In addition, we are proposing to install a new signalised mid-block pedestrian crossing on Birkenhead Ave located north of Waratah Street. This will replace the existing pedestrian refuge island further to the north.

The lane configuration on approach to the Onewa Road intersection will be altered to support the transit lane and broken yellow lines will be installed along the western kerb as there won’t be sufficient road width available to accommodate on-street parking. 

Download the proposal drawings for Birkenhead Avenue:

Why the changes are needed

Birkenhead Avenue is a key regional arterial road linking Beach Haven and Glenfield to the Northern Motorway via Onewa Road. The road is a key bus route used by approximately 25 buses per hour in the morning peak on a typical weekday, with 17 services in the southbound direction. Southbound morning peak bus services on this route experience poor travel time reliability due to heavy congestion and traffic queues impeding the left turn movement from Birkenhead Avenue onto Onewa Road.

The need for a southbound T3 lane along Birkenhead Avenue has been identified to enable more consistent travel times for bus passengers and to improve travel time reliability along the route. The transit lane will also provide an incentive for more carpooling which results in higher vehicle occupancy and greater people movement. The mid-block signalised crossing is proposed to better serve users of the recreation grounds and to provide improved connectivity between the bus stops.