Public EV chargers Public EV chargers

Auckland Transport has installed electric vehicle (EV) chargers at Council owned carparks around the city. You can now park and charge your EV while out and about.

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Creating a public EV charging network

Auckland Transport and electric vehicle charging provider, ChargeNet NZ, have formed a strategic partnership to install a network of 60 standard electric vehicle charging stations around Auckland.

The first ever public electric vehicle charging stations in the Auckland City Centre went live in July 2015 at the Downtown car park thanks to a partnership between Mighty River Power and Auckland Transport.

Since then, as part of AT's 12-month Smart City trial, we have also installed two free to use EV chargers at Devonport Wharf car park.

Find out more about EV charger locations and how to use them.


The purpose of the project is to:

  • raise awareness of electric vehicles by contributing to an expanding public charging network,
  • provide priority parking for electric vehicles,
  • and reduce range anxiety for drivers.


Auckland Transport, who currently operate 20 Hyundai Ioniq EVs and 2 electric buses, was awarded $160,000 from the government’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) Low Emissions Vehicles Contestable Fund for electric vehicle charging infrastructure around the city.

Research and analysis

The installation will also gather data and analytics to better understand charging behaviours and guide future investment. These learnings will help Auckland Transport understand challenges and opportunities for wider implementation.

Transport accounts for approximately 38 per cent of Auckland's emissions. By providing EV charging infrastructure, this starts the journey on the encouragement of EV uptake in Auckland. This approach, along with a mode shift to public transport, has the potential to significantly reduce the current level of greenhouse gas emissions.