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Downtown car park Downtown car park

Casual parking $4 per hour*


Monday - Friday 6am - 6pm
0-1 hours $4
1-2 hours $8
2-3 hours $12
3-4 hours $16
4-5 hours $20
5+ (maximum fee) $24
Evenings (weekdays from 6pm to 5:30am) $2 per hour to a maximum of $10
Weekend and public holidays $2 per hour to a maximum of $10
Monthly parking from $373
Carpool car park leases 15 discounted carpool car park leases available - submit an expression of interest
Mobility parking First 2 hours free then usual rates; free after 6pm and on weekends
Waiheke special $22
Lost ticket fee $72
Help for working out parking costs

* These tariffs are a guideline only and subject to change. Refer to the schedule of fees at the car park entry.

Operating hours

Mon-Thu 6am - 1am.

Fri 6am - Sun midnight (12am).

Public holidays  6am - 12am (midnight).

No charge on Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Car park features

Vehicle height clearance: 1.9m.

Way-finding sensors.

Dedicated motorcycle / scooter entry lane.

Well lit.

Clean and tidy.

Electric vehicles charge points (2 on the ground level).

Pay machine parking (ground level, level 1B and 3).

Please note: AT does not allow any advertising without prior authorisation or the sale or distribution of any goods in our car parks, unless it is part of a licensed market activity during the market's operating hours.

We do not allow the distribution of advertising material or storage of goods in our car parks.

View Auckland Transport's car park terms and conditions.

Downtown Car Park building

Evenings, weekends and public holidays

$2 per hour to a maximum of $10 per day (evening rates apply weekdays from 6pm until 5:30am the following morning).

Mobility parking

First 2 hours free then usual rates; free after 6pm and on weekends.

One entry and exit per period.

Take your mobility card and entry ticket to a pay machine and press the help button for instructions.

Downtown car park building has 19 mobility parking spaces in total. Level 1- 1 space; Level 1A - 1 space; Level 1B - 6 spaces; Level 1B - 7 spaces; Level 2 - 1 space; Level 3 - 1 space; Level 4 - 1 space; Level 5 - 1 space.

There are time restrictions on mobility parking spaces for level 1A and 1B.

Waiheke special

Entry between 3:30pm and 6pm on Friday and exit before 8.30am the following Monday: $22

No exceptions. Entry and exit outside these times may result in additional charges.

Monthly parking

Reserved unallocated, levels 1 - 8: $373

Reserved allocated, ground level: $510

Micro bays: Due to a long waitlist for reserved allocated Micro bay monthly parking at this location, we aren't currently accepting applications.

Apply for a car park

Other parking

Motorcycle and scooter parking

Motorcycle and scooter parking is free in dedicated areas.

Parking spaces are clearly marked out and only one motorcycle or scooter is allowed per space.

Level Scooters Motorcycle
(no scooters)
Mixed motorcycle
& scooter
Ground 4 0 0
Level GB 3 2 2
Level 1 0 5 0
Level 1A 0 0 12
Level 2 0 4 0
Level 3 0 3 0
Level 3A 0 3 0
Level 4 0 3 0
Level 5 0 0 4
Level 6 0 0 20
Level 7 22 0 57
Total 29 20 95

If you are parking for longer than 12 hours, we encourage you to use floors 5 to 7, leaving space on the lower floors for daily commuters.

Bicycle parking

Bike racks are situated on the ground floor between the entry and exit. Bicycle parking is free.

Hybrid and small vehicles

Parking for Hybrid vehicles is available on Level 1.

Narrow spaces in Downtown car park have been marked for small cars only.

Time-restricted parking on levels 1, 1A and 1B

Time-restricted parking has been introduced on levels 1, 1A and 1B of the car park. These spaces are located in areas that are in high demand and will ensure availability of short-stay parking.

Level 1: 6 x P180 casual spaces.
Level 1 A: 1 x P180 mobility space. 
Level 1 B2 x P15 loading zones.
Level 1 B: 2 x P2 pay machine parking.
Level 1 B: 6 x P180 mobility spaces.
Level 1 B: 4 x P180 parents with prams spaces.

Payment options

Automatic payment machines can take Visa, Mastercard, Diners card and EFTPOS payments, as well as cash.

Way-finding system

Sensors record, at any point in time, what spaces are available in the car park. There are 4 coloured light signals at Downtown car park:

  • Green light: Space available.
  • Blue light: Mobility parking space available.
  • Red light: Space occupied or reserved.
  • Purple light: The parking time has been exceeded. When a space has been occupied for longer than the indicated time restriction, the light will change from red to purple.

Car wash and dry cleaning

Auckland Transport has partnered with The Clean NZ and Ceda Drycleaning to offer car washing and dry cleaning drop-off/pick-up when you park your vehicle. 
The site is located on the ground floor of the car park building directly through the entrance barrier arms.

Vehicle cleaning services start at $30.

Parking scenarios to help calculate your parking costs

Scenario 1: Park on Friday after 5pm and leave the car there until 8.30am Monday. Total cost: $10 x 3 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) + $12 = $42.

Scenario 2 (Waiheke special): Park on Friday between 3.30pm and midnight and leave after 8.30am on Sunday but before 8.30am on Monday. Total cost: $22.

Scenario 3: Park on Friday at 7am and leave at 10pm. Total cost = $24 - the maximum daily rate during the week.

Scenario 4: Park on Friday at 8pm and return later than you planned. Will you be able to get your car out?

Downtown car park is open from 6am Friday until 12am Monday so you will be able to remove your car at any time before midnight on Sunday. If you want to remove your car when the car park is closed (i.e. between 12am and 6am Monday), you will need to contact Armourguard on 080 0900 015 for assistance and pay a release fee additional to your parking fee.

For more information

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