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Total Mobility scheme Total Mobility scheme

What is the Total Mobility scheme

The Total Mobility scheme supports people who cannot use public transport to travel, all or some of the time.

In Auckland, those who are eligible get a subsidised rate (a 50% discount, up to a maximum subsidy of $40 per trip) on contracted taxis for door to door transport, and an accessible concession loaded on a Total Mobility AT HOP card used to pay for discounted travel on public transport.

Auckland's combined Total Mobility ID and AT HOP card

Who is eligible for the Total Mobility scheme

If you're an Auckland resident/ratepayer with an impairment that prevents you from undertaking one or more of these aspects of a journey:

  • Getting to a public transport stop.
  • Getting onto the bus, train or ferry.
  • Riding safely and securely.
  • Getting off the bus, train or ferry.
  • Getting to your final destination.

You may qualify for the Total Mobility scheme. For child eligibility see our guidelines for Total Mobility travel.

Approved service providers and fares

You can book a taxi by phoning the operator directly. Advise that you will be travelling using a Total Mobility AT HOP card or TM photo ID card and if you need wheelchair access or other assistance.

Download the list of Auckland’s approved transport operators and fares (PDF 124KB).

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How to get a Total Mobility AT HOP card

Steps to get a Total Mobility AT HOP card.

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Using your Total Mobility AT HOP card to travel

How to use your Total Mobility AT HOP card for taxis and public transport.

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Guidelines for Total Mobility travel

Learn about the limitations and types of travel using the Total Mobility scheme.

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Lost or stolen Total Mobility AT HOP card

How to get a replacement Total Mobility AT HOP card if your card is lost or stolen.