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Auckland Transport

Total Mobility scheme

The Total Mobility scheme helps people with serious mobility constraints access subsidised door-to-door transport services.

Renew your Total Mobility ID card for $8

Your current Total Mobility (TM) photo ID card is due to expire on 30 June 2017. Expired cards can be used up until 31st July 2017, allowing time for the cards to be renewed.

Renew online 

Renew your Total Mobility photo ID card online if your contact details in the renewal pack posted to you are unchanged, otherwise your new card may be sent to the wrong address. If you have changed your address or contact details in the last 2 years, please renew by post or contact us to update your details.

Renew your Total Mobility card online

Renew by post

Renew your Total Mobility photo ID card by posting back the form you received in the post.

Renew as a member of one of these agencies

The cost of renewing your card is $8.00, plus the agency membership fee of the agency you belong to. 

If you belong to one of these agencies, you must send your payment directly to them (as they are processing your payment and renewal forms):

  • Age concern Auckland,
  • Age Concern Counties Manukau,
  • Age Concern North Shore,
  • CCS Disability Action,
  • Disabled Citizens (DCS),
  • Stroke Foundation.

Who is eligible for Total Mobility scheme

The Total Mobility Scheme is designed to assist qualifying Auckland residents/ratepayers. The eligibility assessment identifies whether you have an impairment that prevents you from undertaking any one or more of these components of a journey unaccompanied, on a bus, train or ferry, in a safe and dignified manner:

  • Getting to the place from where the transport departs.
  • Getting onto the transport.
  • Riding securely.
  • Getting off the transport.
  • Getting to the final destination point.

The scheme, which is run throughout New Zealand, allows for reciprocal arrangements with other local authorities for Auckland residents to receive discounted travel while travelling outside of Auckland.

If you require information about the conditions of use, please refer to the Total Mobility Scheme Conditions of Use.

How to apply for a Total Mobility ID card

To register and receive a Total Mobility Photo ID Card, please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Contact a Total Mobility disability agency to discuss eligibility and arrange an assessment

The AT public transport call centre, (09) 366 6400, can provide the contact details of a number of suitable disability agencies. The disability agency will ask you a series of questions about your impairment to determine your eligibility, and if they consider that you are likely to qualify, they will arrange an assessment appointment with a trained facilitator.

Step 2 - Complete the eligibility assessment and registration forms

The assessment must take place face-to-face with an assessment facilitator, filling out the registration forms together. If the assessment facilitator determines that you are eligible, the assessment form must be signed by you and the assessment facilitator, and you must sign the photo ID card form.

Step 3 - Submit the registration forms, photo, and card issue fee

Return the assessment form and photo ID card form to the disability agency with the appropriate payment. This may include a disability agency membership fee and an assessment fee, although some agencies do not charge these. The payment will always include a card issue fee of $8.00 to cover the administration and production costs of the ID card (payable to Auckland Transport).

The disability agency will review the registration forms and forward them to AT with the card issue fee.

Step 4 - Approval

Once the registration has been approved and processed by AT, you will receive a letter from AT confirming your registration.

You will normally receive your ID card within 10 working days, with a letter about the rules of the Total Mobility scheme and how to use the photo ID card.

If you have any questions or need an accessible version of a document, please call the AT Public Transport contact centre, phone (09) 366 6400. 

Unsuccessful applicants

If you are considered to be ineligible for Total Mobility by the assessment facilitator, there is an appeal process that you can use to determine whether the assessment was fair. You can contact Auckland Transport (AT) to have your assessment reconsidered by an arbitration panel of 3 independent parties.

Get help with the Total Mobility application process

If you need help at any time with this application process contact us on 09 366 6400.

How to get the fare discount with your Total Mobility photo ID card

The Total Mobility scheme offers eligible registered individuals a 50 per cent discount (up to a maximum subsidy of $40) on fares charged by contracted transport providers in the Auckland region.

The discount applies to the card-holder and one support person or carer travelling with you.

To receive the discount, you must present your ID card to the driver at the start of the trip so the correct fare is calculated.

At the end of the trip, you must have your ID card swiped and pay your portion of the fare.

Approved service providers and fares

You can book a taxi by phoning the operator directly. Advise that you will be travelling using a Total Mobility Photo ID Card and if you need wheelchair access or other assistance.

Download the list of Auckland’s approved transport operators and fares (PDF 92KB).

Privacy statement

The information provided to through the registration process will be used only to establish an applicant's eligibility for the Total Mobility scheme and for statistical and research purposes which will not identify applicants as individuals.

Access to this information will be by AT contact centre staff, AT administration staff, and the disability agency's administration staff.

All personal information will be held securely and protected by AT and the disability agency against unauthorised access or misuse. Under the Privacy Act 1993, applicants have the right of access to personal information about them held by AT. They are also entitled to request the correction of their personal information.

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