How to get a Total Mobility AT HOP card How to get a Total Mobility AT HOP card

Steps to get a Total Mobility AT HOP Card

Step 1 - Contact us

Ring the AT call centre on 09 366 6400 and ask the contract details of an appropriate disability agency that support the scheme.

Step 2 - Contact an assessment agency

You will need to be assessed by one of the Agencies AT partners with. Which one you choose is up to you.

Download a full list of agencies and their contact details. (XLSX 25KB)

From 1 May 2022, Total Mobility clients will not be charged for new and replacement AT TM HOP cards. Please note that the assessment fee each Agency charges still applies.

Unsuccessful applicants

If your application has been unsuccessful you can appeal to AT and a three person arbitration panel will review your application.

Total Mobility card renewal

There is no longer a two year renewal process for the Total Mobility Scheme in the Auckland region. Once you have been assessed you are eligible to use the Total Mobility Scheme for as long as you need to.

You are no longer required to contact an assessor agency to be reassessed every two years. Your Total Mobility card is yours and will remain active unless your mobility circumstance changes.

If your Total Mobility card has an expiry date, it does not need replacing. New Total Mobility AT HOP cards are no longer issued with an expiry date.

Replacement Total Mobility AT HOP card

Find out what to do if your Total Mobility AT HOP card is lost or stolen.

Transferring between regions

If you have moved to Auckland and have been part of the Total Mobility scheme in another region, you can have your details transferred to be part of the Auckland Transport Total Mobility scheme.

If you move out of the Auckland Council area to another region, you can request to transfer your details to the regional council you are moving to. Please note, you will no longer be eligible for the Auckland Transport Total Mobility scheme.

To transfer your details, please contact the AT call centre (09 366 6400) or you can email our Total Mobility team.

If you are just visiting Auckland or a different region you can find out more information on our Guidelines for Total Mobility travel.

Privacy statement

Your privacy is important to us, the information provided to AT through the application process will be collected, stored and used in accordance with our Customer Privacy Policy.