Walking in Auckland's City Centre Walking in Auckland's City Centre

Discover what’s at your feet. It's time to walk around the city centre.

Pedestrian Cut-Throughs

While you’ve been out and about exploring the city, you may have stumbled across pedestrian cut-throughs. ‘Cut-throughs’ are public accessways in-between or through buildings that connect parallel streets. There are approximately 80 of these connecting walkways through the City Centre. You can use them to get to your destination quicker, stay protected from the weather, or as a quiet route while grabbing a bite.

Some are easy to find and are well used, like the Strand Arcade and Vulcan Lane on Queen Street. Other, less obvious ones may go through building lobbies and use escalators and lifts. If you are planning on taking a path that goes through a building, it’s a good idea to check the building’s opening hours first. Cut-throughs may also provide improved access for those with mobility aids or prams, however, this isn’t always guaranteed.

City Centre Enhancements

Whether you live in the city, come here for work, to study, or for some shopping or recreation, the city centre truly is an exciting place to be and it’s becoming more and more pedestrian-friendly. The transformation of Auckland’s downtown waterfront is now complete and with it comes more reasons to explore the area on foot than ever before. Grab your friends and whanau and discover the wider footpaths, seating, urban ngahere (forest) and raingardens that are on offer along Quay Street and at Te Wānanga. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, check out the Viaduct or Silo Park. These seaside areas have plenty of amazing cafes and restaurants. Want to venture away from the waterfront? Head up Queen Street, towards Aotea Square and check out the hidden alleyways and pedestrian cut-throughs along the way. After somewhere with a unique culture? Take a stroll along the famous Karangahape Road. Wherever you choose to wander, there’s truly no better way to discover more of the city centre than by walking.

Visit our Betterway page to learn about projects happening in the city centre along with up to the minute transport information for your walking journey.