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See what you can do - and how we can help - to make travel easier in the city centre.

Not all these options will be right for your business, but if everyone does something to reduce vehicle travel, moving around the city centre will be better for everyone.

Getting to and from work – there’s a better way than driving:

  • encourage your staff to use public transport
    • use the AT Journey Planner and AT Mobile App
  • encourage active modes, such as walking and cycling
    • provide a secure area to lock up or leave bikes
    • ensure showers and lockers are available to staff
  • offer an “Emergency Ride Home” (paid taxi/Uber or use of a fleet vehicle) for public transport users, cyclists and carpoolers
  • allow staff to work from home, maybe 1 day per week
  • allow staff to vary their start and finish times so they can avoid peak travel times.

Reducing business travel by car:

  • encourage video conferencing or Skype where possible for meetings
  • encourage meeting locations and times that are easily accessible by public transport, walking or cycling
  • provide AT HOP cards for business use
  • consider providing fleet bikes or e-bikes for staff to use.

Out-of-the-box ideas:

  • if you supply staff with free parking spaces, offer a one-off parking “buy-out”
  • offer new staff a one-off public transport/active modes payment instead of a free parking space
  • charge for on-site parking and put the revenue into buying fleet bikes or subsidising public transport.

If you are a medium-to-large business and need assistance with commuting or business travel, email us at We can help you and your staff to find a better way.