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CRL procurement

Heads of Agreement and CRL Limited

In September 2016, Auckland Council and the New Zealand Government signed a Heads of Agreement to jointly fund the CRL. 

Read more about the Heads of Agreement on the Ministry of Transport website

In accordance with the Heads of Agreement, the Sponsors will establish a special purpose entity, City Rail Link Limited (CRLL), to deliver the Project. CRLL will be a crown entity listed under Schedule 4A of the Public Finance Act. Procurement responsibilities will be transferred from Auckland Transport to CRLL upon its incorporation.

Until CRLL is incorporated Auckland Transport will manage the procurement process and all references to CRLL will be deemed to be a reference to Auckland Transport.

Industry briefing

A CRL Industry Briefing was held on Tuesday 29 November 2016. Two presentations were made - a morning session focussed on the procurement process and governance and an afternoon session focussed on technical aspects of the project. An information booklet was provided on the day to all attendees.

Download the presentation material:

Procurement packaging and timeline

The CRL will be delivered in five principal packages.

CRL Procurement Packaging Image

The geographic location of the packages are shown on this map.

CRL Alignment map depicting locations of contracts

The timeline for the procurement of the packages is listed in this table - the table will be updated regularly as dates are confirmed. 

Key procurement details Prequalification EOI RFT
Contract 3 - Stations and Tunnels 1 February 2017 April 2017 October 2017
Contract 5 - Western Line N/A TBA TBA
Contract 6 - Mt Eden Stormwater Diversion N/A TBA March 2017
Contract 7 - Systems Integration, Testing and Commissioning N/A 18 January 2017 March 2017
Contract 8 - Wider Network Improvements N/A TBA TBA
Contract 9 - Britomart East N/A TBA TBA

Package descriptions

C3 Stations and Tunnels

C3 will be procured using a Design and Construct model with a lump sum price based on a bespoke contract. A portion of the bid costs for any unsuccessful short-listed C3 bidder will be paid in return for any intellectual property rights and effort expended.

Aotea Station - Cut and cover construction of a 15m-deep, 300-m long underground station and plant room box, including platforms, lifts and escalators to street level, plant rooms housing station and tunnel equipment, full station fit-out and entrances at either end at Victoria and Wellesley Streets.

Karangahape Road Station - Mined construction of a 32m-deep underground station, including platform tubes and 150m-long platforms, lifts and inclined escalators to street level, plant rooms housing station and tunnel equipment within two shafts, full station fit-out, entrance at Mercury Lane and provision for future entrance at Beresford Square.

Tunnels - Twin-bored tunnel construction (circa 7m diameter), assuming a launch chamber at Mt Eden and reception chamber at the southern end of Aotea Station.

Newton junction to Western Line - A grade-separated junction between the east and west facing connections, with mined caverns for the turnouts, and cut and cover tunnels. Construction of a new platform for the CRL line in a 7m-deep open trench linked via escalator, stairs and lifts to the Mt Eden station platform on the Western Line, grade separated junctions, construction of a station group control centre above the station entrance and associated MEP and fit-out.

Asset Management - The provision of maintenance services for the three new stations.

C5 Western Line

C5 will be procured using a collaborative contract, details still being confirmed.

Works include track realignment of the Western Line in multiple stages with associated overhead line and signalling plant and equipment relocations, rebuilding the existing Mt Eden station platform, including egress footbridges, building two new public pedestrian footbridges, and construction of a new road bridge, heavy retaining structures and earthworks associated with the grade-separated tracks. Each stage of major construction will be within a block of line and require testing and commissioning prior to completion and re-opening.

C7 Systems Integration, Testing and Commissioning (Systems ITC)

C7 will be procured using an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) model engagement through a bespoke ECI agreement, with the design and installation work carried out under a form of D&C contract, and commissioning work carried out under a work package/management fee basis.

Works include provision of trackslab, track, overhead line, signalling (control software and systems and interlockings to be provided by CRLL), control systems, tunnel ventilation, fire strategy and communications systems, control room fit-out and building work, and trackside auxiliaries. Rail systems to be installed from the existing operational railway to the east of Britomart, through Britomart Station, C1, C2 and DSC, the new station and tunnels (C3), and to the Western Line (C5).

Works also include responsibility for Operational Readiness. Once construction work has been completed and individual systems have been tested and commissioned, the system needs to be commissioned into service. This will include a trial running period, equipment testing and commissioning, driver training, test train running and operating/maintenance manual updating. Key stakeholders will include construction contractors, the train operator (currently Transdev), KiwiRail as owner and network operator, AT and CAF (the train supplier).

C9 Britomart East

The final contract model for the C9 Package is yet to be determined.

The C9 Package includes modifications within Britomart Station that are completed after trains are operating through CRL. The key elements of the C9 Package include refurbishment of the eastern entrance including modifications to the affected mechanical, electrical, fire, communication and control systems, extension of the eastern concourse over the tracks, provision of additional vertical access at the eastern end of the station, upgrade of the existing escalators at the eastern end of the station, and removal of one of the terminating tracks/platforms and the CRL platform widening.

Technical information

Geological profiles

These drawings indicate the inferred geological layers along the CRL route from site investigations that have been carried out.

Station plans and drawings

Aotea Station

Karangahape Station

Mt Eden Station

Bored tunnels

Signalling scheme plans


Any questions potential tenderers have about the CRL project can be sent to