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Glen Innes shared path project updates Glen Innes shared path project updates


16 October

Construction of Section 2 will not start later this year as originally anticipated. The delivery of Sections 2 and 4 are subject to funding approval by the funding partners for this project (AT and NZTA).

We anticipate that both the Auckland Transport (AT) and NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) boards will have made a decision before the end of the first quarter of 2020.

We will then advise all partners, stakeholders and the community of the decision. In the meantime, we are still working on the final design aspects, consenting and other statutory approvals for Section 2 of the path so that if funding is secured, construction can commence as soon as possible.

In parallel we are progressing Section 4 of the path, to get this section ready to apply for Resource Consents and get construction ready. If funding is approved, it is expected that construction of Section 2 will progress in the first half of 2020 subject to finalisation of statutory approvals and procurement.

The initial time frame for the four sections of the Glen Innes to Tamaki Shared Path project was 2015-2018. As work on the project has progressed there have been significantly more design and construction challenges, and therefore higher costs, than anticipated when the project was initially scoped in 2015.

We appreciate that the community is eager to see the path completed. The NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport are working closely together to progress the remaining sections of the path.

14 August 

Orakei Basin Boardwalk is now finished

The NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport are delighted that work to widen and improve the Orakei Basin Boardwalk is now finished. The upgrade of the boardwalk forms Section 3 of the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path.

Transport Agency Director of Regional Relationships, Steve Mutton says that while the upgrade has taken longer than originally planned, the final result is a great one for the community and other users of the path.

“The path is now much wider and has lighting to make it safer at night as well as a surface that is great for walking and cycling."

The widening of the basin section began in 2017 and took longer than expected as the Transport Agency revisited the design for the balustrade in 2018 following community feedback on the initial design. The final result, which is a 1.2 metre balustrade in wood and metal with lighting under the handrail, provides a safe solution for people on bikes while being ‘see through’ and low enough for those using the path to enjoy the views.

Auckland Transport’s Portfolio Delivery Director – Strategic Programmes, Mieszko Iwaskow, says it is exciting to see the path being built as the demand for high quality walking and cycling connections around the city continues to grow.

“Cycling has increased by 8.9 per cent in the past year, compared to the previous 12 months. More and more people are choosing to ride bikes in Auckland. More safe and attractive infrastructure will give more people more transport choice.

“We are very pleased that this section of the shared path is now ready for more Aucklanders to enjoy.”

8 March

Section 2

Starting at the intersection of St Johns Road and St Heliers Bay Road, Section 2 travels through Pourewa Valley, past Meadowbank Train Station to Ōrākei Basin. Read more about Section 2.

Upcoming changes to Section 2

  • There will be changes to the intersection at St Johns Road and St Heliers Bay Road to make it safer to travel between Sections 1 and 2.
  • The landings will be longer and more widely spaced than Section 1 to make the journey more pleasant.
  • The shared path will cross the KiwiRail and Watercare access roads located at the basin end of the path. This means that we will install a bollard to prevent unauthorised vehicles accessing the path, use markings and surface treatments to indicate the shared path and install signs to alert path users and maintenance people of each other’s presence. We are working through what the signage will look like but it is likely that it will include some sort of illumination when it is activated by vehicles crossing.
  • The path will be made of a mix of concrete bridges and boardwalks and a mix of post and wire fences, no fence or balustrades with handrails. Next to the rail corridor there will be some fencing to keep people off the train line.
  • The team is still working through the designs for the balustrades and we will make these public once they are finalised.

Section 3

Section 3 of the path connects Section 2 to Section 4 and involves widening the Ōrākei Basin boardwalk to four and a half metres. Read more about Section 3.

The balustrades

  • The original wood balustrade can’t be relocated as too many of the planks were rotting. The wood is being re-purposed.
  • The new partially installed balustrade will be used on another project where it fits in better with the surrounding environment.

What is happening to the old balustrades

The original wood balustrade can’t be relocated as too many of the planks were rotting. The wood is being re-purposed. The new partially installed balustrade will be used on another project where it fits in better with the surrounding environment.

The timber decking

The Transport Agency and AT are glad that we can donate the wood for re-use in the community, including to Men’s Shed who will use it in community projects. 

Claudio from the project team and Men’s Shed team members
Image: Claudio from the project team and Men’s Shed team members – Paul, Bob and John.

Section 3 viewed from the Meadowbank end
Image: Section 3 viewed from the Meadowbank end.

Section 3 new decking
Image: Section 3 new decking.

Section 4

The route for Section 4 starts at Ōrākei Basin, near the Ōrākei Basin Village development, runs next to the Ōrākei Road Bridge and follows the eastern edge of Hobson Bay on a structure completely separate to Ngapipi Road. Read more about Section 4.

Where we are with Section 4

  • The route has been confirmed, following the evaluation of eight route options late 2017 - read the consultation report on the preferred route.
  • We have an initial (specimen) design for the path, taking into account feedback we received during the 2017 consultation.
  • We are preparing to lodge a notified resource application to build the path.
  • We are talking to people who own properties and businesses who will be impacted by the path, in advance of lodging the resource consent application with Auckland Council.
  • Anyone can be involved in a notified consent process so you will have a chance to have a say.
  • For this section of the path, the duration of the consenting phase will depend on feedback submitted to Auckland Council during the consent process and any other council conditions.

Section 4 viewed from the southern end by Purewa Bridge
Image: Section 4 viewed from the southern end by Purewa Bridge.

Expected project timeline

  • Mid 2019 - Section 3 fully open.
  • Mid-late 2019 - Section 4 consenting (timeline subject to public feedback within the Auckland Council consenting process).
  • Late 2019 - Section 2 start construction.
  • Late 2019 - Section 4 award detailed design and construction contract (once consent granted).
  • Mid-end 2021 Sections 2 and 4 complete.

Read more details about the updates on the Glen Innes shared path project (PDF 1.3MB)


12 September

Feedback on the preferred route for section 4 is open until 8 October 2017.

Find out about the preferred route and have your say.

4 August

AT and NZTA have released the preferred route for section 4, the last leg of the path (between Orakei Basin and Tamaki Drive).

We will seek public feedback on this section next month.

Read the media release: Preferred route announced for Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive section 4.

24 May

AT and NZTA have made a short-list of 3 route options for section 4, the last leg of the shared path (between Orakei Basin and Tamaki Drive). The options are now being taken forward for further investigation that will include geotechnical study and value engineering.

Find out more about section 4.

5 April

Feedback on section 1 of the shared path (the section between Merton and St Johns Roads) was open from 27 March until 4 April 2017. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback.


9 December

This morning, Mayor Phil Goff and Transport Minister Simon Bridges opened section 1 of Te Ara Ki Uta Ki Tai (the path of land and sea). Children from Stonefields School were among the first to ride and scooter on the path.

Glen Innes shared path stage 1 opening (2)

6 December

Get ready to ride! Section one is open to the public from midday Friday 9 December. Coast downhill from St Johns Road to Merton Road, then wind your way back for a coffee and a view of east Auckland.

Eastern path connection coming up to St Johns Rd

Approaching the connection with St Johns Road.

Eastern path looking towards Glen Innes

Looking toward Glen Innes.

Greening the Eastern path

Greening the path.

28 July

The project team recently hosted members of the Orakei Local Board and Bike Auckland on a site tour of section one. The path is taking shape and is on track for a late October opening.

Earth ramp towards St Johns Road

This earth ramp will reduce the gradient as the path climbs towards St Johns Road. This will be grassed and planted once the path is built. 

Rippling of path

The rippling in the path is where it levels out at regular intervals. This makes access for wheelchair users easier and will help reduce downhill speed. 

Paths from St Johns Road and Merton Road

The path is being built from the St Johns Road and Merton Road ends and will meet in the middle. 

9 June

Work is underway to connect the walkway between Felton Mathew Ave and Apirana Ave with the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path.

We have had to divert an old unmarked stormwater pipe. This additional work has increased the time the walkway will be closed. We now expect it to be reopened in late June.

During the closure, Glen Innes station can be accessed from Merton Road and Apirana Ave.

18 May

The notification period for the consent applications for sections 2 and 3 has ended. A decision is expected in late July.

10 May

Walkway closed mid-May to mid-June

Work is underway to connect the walkway between Felton Mathew Ave and Apirana Ave with Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path.

A raised concrete table will be built at the path junction, to keep speeds low and pedestrians safe.

During this time, Glen Innes Station can be accessed from Merton Road and Apirana Ave.

Map showing the closed walkway

Map showing the closed walkway

15 April

Before continuing the path through Meadowbank and Orakei in late 2016, we have shared our path designs for the next phase with the community at 2 open days.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the open days.

The consent applications for sections 2 and 3 have been notified and can be viewed on the Auckland Council website

Photos from the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path open days

Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path open day

Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path open day

13 April

We held a busy first open day, with lots of people visiting St Chads Church to view the new path designs.

The second open day will be held on 14 April 2016.

This week, we applied to Auckland Council for the consents needed to build sections 2 and 3. 

1 April

Read the latest project newsletter (PDF 484KB)

11 March

 Section one is taking shape. The photos below show the route up and down the hill between Merton Road and St Johns Road.

 Gi TrackGi Track 2


23 November

A helicopter has delivered equipment to test ground conditions at locations within the Meadowbank section of the Glenn Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path route. This section (2) will begin construction in late 2016.

Image: Some areas of the route are difficult to access, so the helicopter has been used to transport testing equipment.

Helicopter Delivering Equipment November 15

Image: A contractor attaches a longline and cargo hook to the helicopter.

Contractor Attaching Longline To Helicopter November 15

Image: Looking along the path route from Kohimarama towards Meadowbank.

Helicopter Along Path Route From Kohimarama To Meadowbank

21 October

The start of construction of the Glen Innes to Tamaki Shared Path has been marked by a dawn blessing and sod-turning ceremony attended by the Minister of Transport and Mayor of Auckland.

Read the media release and see photos of the ceremony.

13 October

Construction of section 1 begins on Thursday 22 October 2015. Section 1 should be completed in mid 2016 and the whole project is scheduled to be completed in late 2018.

9 September

Since feedback closed in December 2014, we have further developed the path route and design for section one (Merton Road to St Johns Road).

AT received 127 submissions, with a majority giving positive feedback on the project.

Comments focused on the way in which the path improves connectivity to the city and links with public transport along the way. 


22 December

Feedback on the path closed on 19 December. AT is reviewing submissions and will report back in the new year.