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Henderson cycle network Henderson cycle network

Auckland Transport is asking for feedback from the community on a proposed network of cycle routes in Henderson. This network has been developed using feedback from the public consultation in 2018.

Project status: Consultation - feedback closed 31 January 2021.
Project zone: West

Project overview

The proposed cycle network in Henderson will provide better connections and help people travel around Henderson by bike more easily and safely.

It’s aimed at helping people get about for transport rather than for recreation, however these links will likely be used by people for a variety of different purposes.

The intention is to develop a comprehensive network for cycling that can be built over time, as funding becomes available.

We have identified 8 key cycling routes that will form the backbone of the Henderson Cycle Network. Once the network is confirmed we will look at how best to connect the routes into the surrounding neighbourhoods.

At this stage we are not yet considering the design of these routes, however they would generally be separated from traffic and pedestrians following vision zero principles. Following this consultation further work will be done on the designs.

The proposed routes are:

  • Lincoln Road to Town Centre – proposed along the southern half of Lincoln Road which will connect to the planned Lincoln Road Corridor Improvements between Te Pai Place and State Highway 16 (SH16) Interchange.
  • Te Atatu to Town Centre – proposed along Edmonton Road to connect with the existing facilities from the School Road intersection and along Te Atatu Road towards the Northwestern Cycleway.
  • McLeod Road to Town Centre – proposed along the length of McLeod Road to connect with the planned Te Whau Pathway.
  • Great North Road – proposed along Great North Road from the Swanson Road/Lincoln Road intersection towards the City Centre as part of the Connected Communities programme. The section through the Town Centre to Swanson Road will be delivered as part of this project.
  • Henderson Valley Road to Town Centre – proposed along a section of Henderson Valley
    Road which will connect to Panuku’s planned improvements close to Great North Road.
  • Western Heights to Swanson Road – proposed along Sturges Road. Will provide easy bike ride to Sturges Road Station and the proposed route along Swanson Road towards the town centre.
  • Metcalfe Road to Swanson – proposed along Metcalfe Road. Will provide easy bike ride to Ranui Station and the proposed route along Swanson Road towards the town centre.
  • Swanson Road to Town Centre – proposed along Swanson Road to connect with the proposed routes on Metcalfe Road, Sturges Road, Lincoln Road, and Great North Road.

Proposed Henderson cycle network map.


Our aim is to progressively build a cycle network that caters for people of all ages and abilities.

We want to make it easier and safer for people to get to, from, and around Henderson by bike.
Henderson already has some good routes for recreational cycling, and we want to build on this to create a network of cycling facilities that are focussed on making it easier to get to work and school and make everyday trips.

The Henderson-Massey Local Board also shares this aspiration to make Henderson easier to get around without the use of a private vehicle.


  • More choices for how you travel around Henderson to work or for everyday trips.
  • Getting around by bike will be safer and easier.
  • More kids can choose to bike to school using routes and facilities that are safe.
  • More people will have the option to cycle to Henderson Station and commute using the train.


  • Mid-2018 - Public consultation on cycling in Henderson
  • 2019 - Start of business case for cycle routes
  • December 2020 to January 2021 - Consultation on proposed cycle network
  • Early 2021 - Consultation on proposed designs of priority routes
  • 2024 - Construction starts on priority routes, subject to funding.

Your feedback so far

In 2018, Auckland Transport asked the public where in Henderson they would like to see cycling routes.

From this month-long consultation, we received more than 500 submissions, with 275 new routes identified and a clear desire for new and safe cycling facilities.

View the Hendersons future feedback.

Since then, AT has done further technical work to narrow down the key cycling connections to the routes that make up the proposed network.

We now want to get your feedback on the key routes of the proposed cycle network and help us to confirm we have the network right.

Public consultation

Listening to what you have to say is important to us. Your local knowledge will help us make better decisions, so together we can achieve the best outcomes for your neighbourhood.

Feedback closed  31 January 2021.

Next steps

We’ll listen to all the feedback we receive, and together with your community representatives Use your feedback to help with the decision making on prioritising routes.

If you provided your email or address with your feedback, we will share the outcome with you.

  • Once the feedback has been compiled, a summary report will be published, outlining the feedback and next steps.
  • Update the cycle network based on the feedback and begin scheme design of routes to be built first.

A lot of different information will come together to help us make decisions about the proposed cycle network – including technical input, available funding, operational considerations and feedback from the public and stakeholders.

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