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Vision zero Vision zero

AT is working closely with all our partners including the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and NZ Police to make our roads safe for everybody. We want to move towards a more “forgiving” road network, where a mistake made by a driver or road user does not lead to devastating consequences. We are also moving away from the “blame the driver/road user” attitude towards solutions where death and serious injury do not occur in the event of a crash. This is the Vision Zero approach.

Vision Zero, a Swedish ethics-based approach focuses on a core principle that “human life and health can never be exchanged for other benefits within society.” It takes the zero harm workplace health and safety onto the road network where we spend a large part of our time in one of the riskiest everyday activities. It represents a paradigm shift away from the conventional “costs versus benefit” used to decide how much money to spend on our road network, towards valuing the benefit of decreasing risk. To achieve its long-term goal of Vision Zero, we are using the Safe System approach.

The Safe System

The Safe System approach aims for a more forgiving road network, one that takes human fallibility and vulnerability into account. Under the Safe System, all parts of the system are made safe. These include safe roads and roadsides, safe vehicles, safe road users and safe speeds. A more detailed explanation of the Safe System is available on The Safe System website

While we will work to improve all the four components of the Safe System, speed management (through safe and appropriate survivable speed limits) is the most effective way to reduce the high number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads.