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Election signs bylaw Election signs bylaw

Auckland Transport (AT) has made an election signs bylaw to provide for a consistent set of controls for election signs and a system of determining where election signs can be displayed across all of Auckland, for parliamentary and local authority elections.

What an election sign is

An election sign is any sign or any part of a sign (including the frame and supporting structure) that encourages people to vote for a candidate or party in a General Election, a candidate in a Local Election or election for the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust.  Also similar signs for by-elections, and signs that encourage people to vote in a particular way in a public referendum.

Election Signs Bylaw 2013

The election signs bylaw sets out provisions to regulate election signs to be displayed on specified public sites, on vehicles, and on private sites.

The main purpose of the bylaw is to ensure that safety issues are considered and amenity values are retained when candidates erect election signs. The aim is to provide certainty for candidates, political parties, and the public, by having a consistent set of controls for the display of election signs on public sites, private sites and on vehicles.

The bylaw was made on 30 May 2013, was amended on 12 August 2013, 18 July 2014, and 1 August 2017.

Download the Election Signs Bylaw 2013 (PDF 489KB).

Time period for election signs

Traditionally election signs have been erected for no more than nine weeks before an election. This time period aligns with the Electoral Act 1993. Following the 2017 amendment the bylaw no longer has a set period when election signs can be erected, but they must still be taken down before the end of the last day before voting day in an election (in line with the Electoral Act 1993).

Anyone putting up an election sign must be aware that most Local Boards have now limited their landowner approval for installing election signs on their local parks to the 9-week period before an election. Putting up an election sign on a public site in a local park outside that time frame is not authorised by the Local Board and the sign could be removed as an unlawful encroachment.

This means that even though the bylaw does not have a set time period for election signs they must not be installed on any site or part of a site that is in a public park outside the time period allowed for by that Local Board. See the master list of election sign locations below for information about which sites are on parks, roads, or a combination of both (in these cases the time limitation only applies on the local park, but it would be prudent for people erecting signs to avoid using such sites outside the 9-week period in case they are accidentally placed in the local park).

Public sites for election sign sites

The bylaw does not contain a list of public sites for the display of election signs but allows for such sites to be specified by resolution.

This use of the resolution process will allow for flexibility to have additional sites added (or, if necessary, sites removed from the list) without the need to modify the bylaw.

List of election sign sites

List of sites for v-shaped election signs

Certain sites have been identified as suitable for the display of v-shaped election signs. Note that a candidate standing for election for more than one role (councillor, local board member, DHB or licensing trust) can have more than one sign on a specified public site, ie; a sign for each candidacy for which the candidate is seeking election. However, a candidate that advertises their candidacies for more than one role on a v-shaped election sign would be limited to one sign on a specified site and not permitted to have another sign in addition to the v-shaped election sign. Sites not included on this list must not be used for the display of v-shaped signs.

View list of sites for v-shaped election signs (PDF 203KB)

Protocol for sign installation/removal in closed or potentially closed landfill sites

A number of election sign sites have been identified as being located within closed landfill or potentially closed landfill sites. Sign installation and removal in these areas must be undertaken with caution and the protocol taken into consideration.

View protocol for sign installation or removal in closed or potentially closed landfill sites (PDF 33KB)

Auckland Council will be administering the bylaw. For general enquiries, to request a service or make a complaint regarding this bylaw, please contact Auckland Council.

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