Links to Glen Innes Cycleways Links to Glen Innes Cycleways

Links to Glen Innes Cycleways will add 7.3km of dedicated cycleways to Glen Innes, linking into the wider Auckland network.

Proposal status: Construction of Taniwha Street

Page last updated: March 2023

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Project benefits:

  • A network of protected and dedicated cycleways for safer journeys in and around Glen Innes.
  • New safe, accessible, and appealing cycle facilities for all ages, abilities, and confidence levels.
  • Upgrades to existing bus stops, as well as the addition of new bus stops for more comfortable public transport travel.
  • Upgrades to existing pedestrian crossings, as well as the addition of new pedestrian crossings for improved safety.
  • More sustainable travel options.

Project overview

Glen Innes is a suburb located to the east of Auckland CBD and boarders Wai O Taiki Bay. The area is largely residential, it is also home to several schools, community facilities, businesses and Glen Innes Train Station. The area has been identified as a growth area with intensification planned/underway with more homes, people, schools, businesses and traffic to be generated in the coming years. Now alternative transport modes connecting the community to and from the Auckland City Centre and other key destinations have been identified as a high priority for the area.

The main benefits of the Links to Glen Innes Cycleway project is to complete a missing link in Auckland’s cycle network. New cycleways here will also provide safe and attractive connections to Glen Innes train station, town centre, schools, shops, parks and community facilities as well as connect the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path from the suburbs of Stonefields and Glen Innes.

At the same time the project aims to provide safer, more coherent and attractive routes for new and existing cyclists, including commuters and those making everyday trips. The cycleways will extend along Taniwha Street, Line Road, Apirana Avenue, Point England Road, Morrin Road, Stonefields Avenue, and Merton Road.

The Merton Road section of the cycleway will provide a connection to the existing Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path, for cyclists who want to travel to and from Auckland city.

At the moment we are busy working on Taniwha Street to build this section of the cycleway. We started this section of work in October 2022 and aim to complete the work by September 2023. Check out our staging map below.

Map with images showing existing bus stops on the Glen Innes Cycleways, bus stops that were removed, along with new and relocated bus stops. New crossings are also marked.
Map showing links to Glen Innes Cycleways - Taniwha Street. 

Line Road to West Tamaki Road update

March 2023

Line Road in Glen Innes will be closing soon due to Kainga Ora works in the area. AT has plans to complete the Elstree Roundabout work by 31 March 2023 and re-open the road by 1 April.

Please note the end date for our work will now be in September 2023. The reason is that we are incorporating road renewal works into our schedule and allowing for Watercare to complete work along Taniwha Street before we can complete the cycle way.

Late March 2023

We are still doing work at the Elstree roundabout. Please see site plan (PDF 617KB).

Timelines for work

  • April 1st 2023 – target date for removal of temporary traffic management from the roundabout.
  • March 27th to April 7th – kerb and channel renewals between Maybury Reserve and #152 Taniwha Street (south side).

Early March 2023

We are nearing the completion of the cycleway construction works on the north side of the Taniwha Street and Elstree Avenue roundabout. Works on Elstree Avenue north are now complete and access to the north side of the roundabout will be reopened.

  • Construction will progress to the south side of Elstree Avenue, swapping the road closure to Elstree Avenue south.
  • Hours of work is between 7am-7pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Entry and exit between Taniwha Street and Elstree Avenue south will be restricted.
  • A signposted detour will be in place to navigate around the works area, utilising Elstree Avenue, Point England Road and Line Road.
  • On-street parking will be limited while we carry out the work. We ask that you avoid parking on the road during these works and advance notice will be provided to residents and businesses in the area.
  • There may be some traffic delays during this time. Please plan your travel in advance and avoid the area if possible.

Download Map for pedestrian and vehicle routes during construction (620KB).

October 2022

Work started in October to construct new cycleways in Taniwha Street, between Line Road and West Tamaki Road.

These upgrades include a new dedicated cycleway on both sides of the road, new bus shelters and pedestrian crossings. This is the first section of the connected cycleway network to be built in Glen Innes.

The graphic below shows the new layout on each section of Taniwha Street, including the following changes:

  • upgrades to the Taniwha Street/Line Road intersection and the Taniwha Street/West Tamaki Road intersection
  • upgrades to the roundabout at the Taniwha Street/Elstree Avenue intersection

Upgrades are expected to be complete by mid-2023.

Public engagement

Public consultation in 2015, 2017 and 2022 was undertaken to ensure the design of the new cycleways was in partnership with the community. Feedback helped us identify key routes and ways we can improve the outcome for future users.

A map of eastern Auckland, showing the Te Ara Ki Uta Ki Tai Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path, extending from Meadowbank station along Felton Matthew Avenue. Further cycleway links are shown along Merton Road, Stonefields Avenue to Morrin Road, Line Road, Taniwha Street, and Apirana Avenue.
Map of Glen Innes cycleways

Download a larger version of the map of Glen Innes cycleways. (PDF 248KB) 

Artist's impression of new cycle lanes on Morrin Road.

Get in touch 

As the Links to Glen Innes Cycleways construction work progresses, we will provide safer travel options for everyone through this busy, vibrant area. We know that construction creates change and disruption. We will keep you updated throughout the construction process, so you know what to expect and how to contact us.

If you have any questions about the project, please email us at or phone 09 355 3553.