Links to Glen Innes Cycleways Links to Glen Innes Cycleways

Proposal status: Construction

Links to Glen Innes Cycleways will add 7.3 kilometres of dedicated cycleways to Glen Innes, linking into the wider Auckland network.

Project overview

New cycleways in Glen Innes will provide safe and attractive connections to Glen Innes train station, the town centre, schools, shops, parks, and community facilities. The Merton Road section of the cycleway will provide a connection to the existing Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path, for cyclists who want to travel to and from Auckland city.

The cycleways will extend along Taniwha Street, Line Road, Apirana Avenue, Stonefields Avenue, Point England Road, Morrin Road and Merton Road.

Taniwha Street – Line Road to West Tamaki Road update

Work started in October to construct new cycleways in Taniwha Street, between Line Road and West Tamaki Road.

These upgrades include a new dedicated cycleway on both sides of the road, new bus shelters and pedestrian crossings. This is the first section of the connected cycleway network to be built in Glen Innes.

The graphic below shows the new layout on each section of Taniwha Street, including the following changes:

  • Upgrades to the Taniwha Street/Line Road intersection and the Taniwha Street/West Tamaki Road intersection
  • Upgrades to the roundabout at the Taniwha Street/Elstree Avenue intersection

Upgrades are expected to be complete by mid-2023.

Map with images showing existing bus stops on the Glen Innes Cycleways, bus stops that were removed, along with new and relocated bus stops. New crossings are also marked.

Map showing links to Glenn Innes Cycleways - Taniwha Street. 

Project benefits

  • A network of protected and dedicated cycleways for safer journeys in and around Glen Innes.
  • New safe, accessible, and appealing cycle facilities for all ages, abilities, and confidence levels.
  • Upgrades to existing bus stops, as well as the addition of new bus stops for more comfortable public transport travel.
  • Upgrades to existing pedestrian crossings, as well as the addition of new pedestrian crossings for improved safety.
  • More sustainable travel options.

Artist impression of new cycle lanes on Morrin Road.

Map showing construction, further cycleway links, wider cycleway network and Glen Innes to Tamaki shared drive path

Map showing construction pathway, further cycleway links and the wider cycleway network

Get in touch 

As the Links to Glen Innes Cycleways construction work progresses, we will provide safer travel options for everyone through this busy, vibrant area. We know that construction creates change and disruption. We will keep you updated throughout the construction process, so you know what to expect and how to contact us.

If you have any questions about the project, please email us at or phone 09 355 3553.