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Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path

Auckland Transport (AT) and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency are creating a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians from Merton Road near Glen Innes Station to Tāmaki Drive - allowing you to walk, run or cycle from Auckland’s eastern suburbs to the Waitematā Harbour. The path will be built in 4 stages.

Project status

Project overview

The Glen Innes to Tāmaki Drive Shared Path - Te Ara Ki Uta Ki Tai (the path of land and sea) is a joint project that will deliver a 7km-long path that connects Auckland’s eastern suburbs to the city centre.

The path will complete a missing link in Auckland’s cycle network and connect with cycle routes to Point England, the shared path along Tāmaki Drive, and the Tāmaki Drive Cycle Route.

The natural beauty and magnificent views along the route will appeal to people commuting into the city as well as those using the path for fitness and recreation.

Map showing the 4 stages of the Glen Innes to Tamaki shared path.
Image: Glen Innes to Tāmaki Drive Shared Path route map.


  • Safe and convenient for people on foot or on bike.
  • Good lighting will extend hours of access, particularly during winter months.
  • The route’s geography is hilly in places, but the design of the path will keep gradients as low as possible.
  • The path connects communities with public transport along the route.
  • Community input will help shape aspects of the path.

Project progress

  • Section 1: Merton Road to St Johns Road: completed 2016.
  • Section 2: St Johns Road to Ōrākei Basin: construction.
  • Section 3: Ōrākei Basin boardwalk: completed July 2019.
  • Section 4: Ōrākei Basin to Tāmaki Drive: consenting and design.

We appreciate that the community is eager to see the path completed. Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport are working closely together to progress the remaining sections of the path.

We aim to complete the remaining two sections (2 and 4) at approximately the same time by the end of 2022. This will provide a safe, continuous connection all the way to Tāmaki Drive and means that more people can use the shared path for journeys into the city centre and beyond.

The timeline to complete Section 4 will depend on the duration of the consenting phase and feedback submitted to Auckland Council during the consent process, and any other council conditions. We are doing what we can to get construction-ready, including completing the detailed design at the same time as seeking resource consent. The community will have the opportunity to help shape design aspects of Section 4 through a consultation process later in the year.

Section 1 - Merton Road to St Johns Road

Since opening in December 2016, this section is drawing a weekly average of 800 trips by people on bikes and on foot.

Glen Innes Shared Path Section 1 Map

Section 2 - St Johns Road to Ōrākei Basin

Glen Innes Shared Path Section2


Enabling work starts mid-August and will include preparing sites for construction, vegetation removal, and the formation of haul roads and site compounds. Vegetation removal, as part of our enabling works, is being timed to cause minimal disruption to our local fauna so will take place outside of bird breeding season.

Planting and restoration are an important part of the project. We have worked closely Auckland Council and mana whenua to develop our planting plans, and our pest plant and weed eradication will support the restoration efforts of local community groups and the Ōrākei Local Board.

Design for section 2

The design for Section 2 has been finalised following feedback from the community (PDF 3MB), received late 2018, and lessons-learnt on Sections 1 and 3 and through the consenting process with Council. We learnt on Section 3 (Ōrākei Basin Boardwalk) that the community prefers a balustrade design that provides the best possible view of the surrounding area, and on Section 1 that closely spaced landings can give a bumpy ride for people on bikes.

We also know the community is interested in the positioning of the path and connections to it, as well as the landings (flat sections of the path) and other design aspects. We have included this information, and details about other design aspects below. We have provided illustrations, maps, and cross sections to give people good idea of how the shared path will look and where it will be positioned.

Detailed information about; the alignment of the path, bridges and boardwalk; the location of lighting and rest areas; and the planting; can be found in the following plans:

General arrangement plans:

Section 3 - Ōrākei Basin boardwalk

Section 3 was fully completed in July 2019. This involved widening the existing boardwalk (while keeping it open for use) to 4.5metres, installing new skid resistant surfacing and a new balustrade with handrail lighting. The lighting has extended the hours of use of the boardwalk. Please watch the video about this section.

Section 4 - Ōrākei Basin to Tāmaki Drive

We have lodged Resource Consent to construct Section 4. This will be a notified consent and Auckland Council will contact anyone they think is directly affected by the proposal and anyone can have a chance to have their say. You can learn more about this process on the Auckland Council website. We will provide an update when the feedback process has started.

For Section 4, we will deliver the path more quickly by doing the detailed design, including consulting on this, at the same time we seek resource consent so that we can get started on construction as quickly as possible. The community will have the opportunity to help shape design aspects of the path through this process later in the year.

GI to Tamaki Dr Shared Path section 4 map

The exact alignment of the route along the coastline is indicative at this stage. Further investigation during the detailed design phase (underway) and public feedback will help us determine the best possible positioning.

Concept drawings

Boardwalk along the coastline in Ōrākei Bay

GI to Tamaki Dr section 4 artists impression

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