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North Auckland consultations

We want your feedback on proposals for north Auckland. Your feedback will help ensure the final designs meet the needs of users as much as possible.

We will consider all feedback received and make a decision on the potential benefits to the wider communities. We will provide an update when this decision has been reached.

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Beulah Ave, Rothesay Bay – Broken yellow lines

Suburb: enter suburb | Status: open until 5 October 2017.

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Jutland Rd, Hauraki - Pedestrian refuge island

Suburb: Hauraki | Status: open until 5 October 2017.

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Deborah Place, Okura - Broken Yellow Lines

Suburb: Okura | Status: closed 8 September 2017.

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Salamanca Rd, Sunnynook - Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Sunnynook | Status: closed 8 September 2017.

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Mchardy Pl, Glenfield - Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Glenfield | Status: closed 8 September 2017.

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New footpaths in Riverhead

Suburb: Riverhead | Status: closed 25 August 2017.

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Parr Terrace, Castor Bay - No stopping restrictions

Suburb: Castor Bay | Status: Closed 21 August 2017.

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Julia Place, Totara Vale - No stopping restrictions

Suburb: Totara Vale | Status: closed 21 August 2017.

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Hororata Rd, Takapuna - No stopping restrictions

Suburb: Takapuna | Status: closed 21 August 2017.

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Jutland Rd, Hauraki - No stopping restrictions

Suburb: Hauraki | Status: closed 10 August 2017.

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Laurence Street, Manly - Speed cushions

Suburb: Manly | Status: closed 9 August 2017.

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Hague Place, Birkenhead - Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Birkenhead | Status: closed 7 August 2017.

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Sunnybrae Road, Hillcrest - Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Hillcrest | Status: closed 4 August 2017.

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College Rd, Northcote - No stopping restrictions

Suburb: Northcote | Status: closed 28 July 2017.

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Masterton Rd, Browns Bay - Parking changes

Suburb: Browns Bay | Status: closed 14 July 2017.

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