Kaukapakapa Footpath Connections project Kaukapakapa Footpath Connections project

Auckland Transport (AT) is partnering with the Rodney Local Board to deliver the Kaukapakapa Footpath Connections project as part of the Rodney Local Board Transport Targeted Rate programme.

Proposal status: Detailed Design

Project zone: North Rural​

Project overview

Auckland Transport (AT) has been tasked to deliver the Kaukapakapa Footpath Connections project as part of the Rodney Local Board Transport Targeted Rate programme (RLBTTR) on behalf of the Rodney Local Board.

The aim of the RLBTTR is to accelerate transport related projects in the Rodney area.

A key priority for the local board and Rodney communities is expanding the footpath network in and between towns and villages to make it safer and easier for people to get around.

Currently, there are limited footpath linkages and safe crossing points connecting the Kaukapakapa community. To address this, the local board has approved three footpath connections in the village and three pedestrian crossing points.

Listening to what you have to say is important to us. Your local knowledge can help us make better decisions, so together we can achieve the best outcomes for your neighbourhood.

We are proposing to:

Install two new pedestrian crossings in the Kaukapakapa village.

First location:

This is a raised table crossing that services Kaukapakapa School and has two options.

Option one: A crossing on the east side of Opoto Place that services the school directly. This option removes four of the existing parallel parks.

Option two: A raised table crossing on the west side of Opoto Place opposite the hall, with a footpath that adjoins Opoto Place – serving as a school and community crossing linking the township with the hall, carpark and playground area. This has the option of allowing an additional seven parking spaces.

Second location:

Adjacent to the shops which also has two options.

Option one: An upgrade of the existing footpaths, central islands and kerb buildouts, with no loss to the current parking.

Option two: The installation of a raised table crossing outside the shops. The inclusion of this raised table will require the removal of 7 parking spaces on SH16.

Download the proposal drawing for Kaukapakapa connections (PDF 6.4MB)

Feedback closed in June 2023

Next steps

Auckland Transport consulted on this proposal in May 2023 and received 153 submissions.

Download the consultation feedback report (PDF 465kb)

The project has moved into the preliminary design phase. This is where we take the concept presented at consultation and begin to refine it in line with feedback from technical stakeholders to resolve known issues. The preliminary design will have greater certainty on the street layout and how space is allocated between the different elements. Feedback received from the community will be considered wherever possible/appropriate while ensuring the project objectives (particularly around quality and safety) are not compromised.

Detailed design has started in late 2023. This is where the design is detailed for construction. At this point, consent or planning approvals will be secured, and undertake a final cost estimate.

More information

The Rodney Local Board Transport Targeted Rate (RLBTTR) was introduced in 2018 to accelerate transport investment in rural towns identified as a priority by the Rodney Local Board, residents and the business community. This investment will reduce death and serious injuries on our roads and provide more public transport and cycling options which in turn will reduce congestion.