Guidelines for Total Mobility travel Guidelines for Total Mobility travel

Taxi operators in Auckland

Only some taxi operators accept Total Mobility cards. Find out which taxi operators in Auckland accept Total Mobility.

Travel restrictions

There are some restrictions using the card, such as the purpose of your trip. This is normally when another government agency is more properly responsible for funding your travel.

Total Mobility for a child

A child can only have a Total Mobility AT HOP card for 'age appropriate' independent travel. This means that young children who would normally be supervised by an adult when travelling cannot hold the card.

School travel

School travel is normally provided by the Ministry of Education Specialised School Transport Assistance (SESTA) scheme.

If your child doesn’t qualify for the SESTA scheme and is old enough for 'age appropriate' independent travel to school, then the Total Mobility AT HOP card can be used for school travel.

Work travel

You can use your Total Mobility AT HOP card for travel to and from work, as such travel is normally paid for by the individual employee.

It is not available for travel required in the course of performing your work e.g. you cannot use your Total Mobility AT HOP card to visit a client.

Health sector and ACC

Such trips are usually the responsibility of the health sector or ACC. Your Total Mobility AT HOP card should not be used for these trips.

Rest home residents

Rest home residents can hold the Total Mobility AT HOP card. The Total Mobility AT HOP card is provided for independent travel.

It is not provided to be used by the rest home to provide transport for organised activities.

Travelling with a carer

One carer or support person can travel with you and must remain with you at all times you are in the taxi.

Travelling outside of Auckland

The Total Mobility scheme operates throughout New Zealand and allows arrangements with other local authorities to receive discounted travel in their region.

Visitors to Auckland

If you are visiting Auckland and you have a Total Mobility card issued by your local regional council, you can use the card in Auckland.

  • If you have an electronic card, it can be swiped by Auckland taxi card readers.
  • If your local scheme doesn't issue electronic cards, ask your regional council for a voucher.
  • If you use a voucher, you will need to ask the Auckland taxi operator to process a manual transaction.


Sometimes things don't go as well as they should. If you are unhappy with the service you receive, firstly raise the issue with the taxi operator, if you are still unhappy contact Auckland Transport call centre (09 366 6400).

Total Mobility conditions of use

For more detail, you can read the full Total Mobility conditions of use.