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Pedestrian safety Pedestrian safety

Every journey has a walking component and it is more than just a good way to get around the neighbourhood. We encourage walking as it has proven benefits to health, happiness, the environment and the economy.

With more people choosing to walk, both motorists and pedestrians have a shared responsibility for keeping people safe.

Information for drivers

People of all ages and abilities are travelling on foot - to school, to work, to the shops, to visit friends and family, to walk the dog, and for recreation.

Whenever you drive please take care and look out for people, especially near schools, in town centres and in residential areas where children may be playing.

The official NZ road code advises to:

  • Always be ready to stop near schools, bus stops and pedestrian crossings.
  • Be careful when driving past parked vehicles. Pedestrians may walk out without warning.
  • Slow down to 20km/h when passing or coming towards a school bus that has stopped to let children on or off, no matter which side of the road you are on.
  • Watch out for elderly people or people with disabilities.
  • Take special care near roadside stalls and parked vendors.


Pedestrians have the right-of-way over vehicles when vehicles are entering or exiting a driveway across a footpath. Motorists should exit their driveways slowly and stop to check there are no people walking before proceeding over the footpath.

Find out more about sharing the road with pedestrians safely on the NZ Transport Agency website.

Information for walkers

When walking you don't have to use the same routes that you would drive to reach your destination. There may be quieter, low-traffic streets with connecting walkways that will make your route shorter.  

If you notice a problem with one of our footpaths (such as cracks, breaks, bumps, potholes or water pooling on the surface) please use our Report a problem form to let us know. Check our Footpath and berm maintenance page for more information

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