Auckland Transport

Improve our cycleways & walkwaysFeedback & improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) wants to develop convenient, safe and attractive transport routes for walkers, cyclists and drivers. This will encourage more people to cycle or walk to the shops, school or the train station, or simply for fun and exercise.

Better facilities also help reduce our dependence on private cars by making it easier to use public transport, walk, run or cycle.

Repairs and feedback

Had to swerve to avoid broken glass? Almost hit a pothole or utility cover in the kerb lane? Swiped by overhanging branches when you rode home? If you come across a potential hazard while cycling or walking on Auckland's roads, please let us know.

Although there is a schedule of planned work on our footpaths and walkways, emergency or unplanned works are completed when there is an immediate hazard to users.

Report a problem

Have your say on cycling and walking projects

We want your feedback on future shared paths, the routes they cover, and cycling and walking facilities.

Suggestions for a more cyclewise Auckland

As a cyclist you may also have specific suggestions for making Auckland easier to get around by bike, for example:

  • New crossing facilities, kerb ramps, signage or cycle stands;
  • Intersection treatments for cyclists (eg. advanced stop lines);
  • Bike access through road closure;
  • Traffic light sensors for cyclists;
  • Modifications to traffic calming devices or other squeeze points;
  • On-road or off-road bike lanes.

AT is always keen to hear your suggestions so they can be considered when transport projects are being planned and prioritised.

Footpaths and berms

AT is responsible for the maintenance of streets, footpaths, and grass verges or berms, so that both traffic and pedestrians can move around quickly and safely. Berms are the grassed area between the kerb and the footpath, or between the footpath and the property boundary. Depending on which part of Auckland, you live in, there are slightly different rules as to who will look after the berm. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Find out more about what's included in footpath and berm maintenance

Permit for excavation in the road reserve

It is absolutely essential that a Corridor Access Request is obtained for even the most minor of excavation work, in the road reserve. This includes excavations for signs, vehicle crossings, and planting of trees on the grass verge or berm.

Before carrying out any excavation in the road reserve you must identify the location of underground services, such as high pressure gas and fuel pipelines.

Find out more in the Working on the Road section.