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Northwestern path upgrade Northwestern path upgrade

Auckland Transport (AT) is upgrading the Northwestern shared path to provide safer and more pleasant journeys for all path users.

Project status: Consultation - closed Thursday 31 October, last updated 8 December 2020.
Project zone: Central.

Project overview

Auckland Transport propose to separate the shared path at the Eden Terrace/Kingsland section into a separate cycle path and footpath. This upgrade will occur over an 850 metre stretch of the path between Central Road and Haslett Street.

The upgrade will enable the different users to have their own dedicated spaces which will better cater for current and future users.

Artists impression of the Northwest shared path upgrade
Artists impression of the Northwest shared path upgrade.

Proposed improvements

  • Construct a new 850m long cycle path and footpath between Central Road and Haslett Street.
  • Separate the footpath and new cycle path with low-lying planting, berm, and/or kerbs.
  • Reconfigure the access points onto the new cycleway and footpath to improve visibility.
  • Remove five on street car parks to allow improved vehicle turning movements at the end of Bright Street and Alexander Street.
  • Reclassify the driveway at the end of Alexander Street as shared space to allow pedestrian movement through here while maintaining vehicular property access.
  • Reclassify the thoroughfare road between Bright Street and Alexander Street to a pedestrian mall to stop vehicle movements through here.

Northwestern shared path upgrade map

Pedestrian mall

We are proposing to reclassify the thoroughfare road between Alexander Street and Bright Street to a pedestrian mall which means that it would only be used by pedestrians.

A pedestrian mall is a legal reclassification of a road to a pedestrian only zone. The reclassification is necessary to enable enough space for the footpath and the separated cycle path through this section.

No vehicles will be allowed to drive into or park on this thoroughfare except for:

  • Emergency service vehicles
  • Authorised vehicles (with prior permission from Auckland Transport).

We have issued a Statement of Proposal, which outlines the details of our proposal to change this thoroughfare to a pedestrian mall and summarises options that were deemed unsuitable for the space. Anyone who wishes to give feedback on this proposal in person will be given an opportunity to do so.

Northwestern shared path upgrade pedestrian mall


The Northwestern shared path continues to get busier with ridership more than doubling on this route since 2012 to now having close to 1000 bike trips per day through the Kingsland section. The shared path is now the second busiest cycleway in Auckland.

Given the shared path caters to both people walking and cycling, new challenges have arisen as people using the path has increased. There is a particular section of this path in Eden Terrace/Kingsland where capacity is becoming inadequate to safely cater for all users.

For this path to be fit for purpose, changes need to be made to upgrade the Eden Terrace / Kingsland section of the path to offer people walking and cycling dedicated space.


  • 27 September 2019 - consultation opens.
  • 31 October - consultation closes.
  • November - December - feedback considered.
  • January - March - Public feedback report released.
  • Mid-2021 - construction.

Public consultation

Public engagement on the Northwestern path upgrade closed 5pm, Thursday 31 October.

Download the public feedback report on the Northwestern path upgrade (PDF 2.4MB, 37 pages).

Download the Northwestern Path upgrade plans (PDF 4.2MB).

When will the upgrades occur

We initially confirmed construction was estimated to take place during the second half of 2020.

Unfortunately we are unable to meet this timeline as budgets across the Auckland Council family have been severely reduced through the emergency budget. This project along with many others have been affected by this and no longer has funding to deliver this project as planned this year.

We are working to make sure this is prioritised for funding as soon as possible and know how important it is that this happens quickly.

We now anticipate this project will be constructed during the second half of 2021.

Planning and design for this project will continue to ensure we are able to proceed quickly when project funding has been confirmed.

Next steps

We’ll update this page with more detail about the commencement of works once timing is confirmed.

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