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Auckland Transport

Victoria St car park Victoria St car park

Parking fees

Monday to Friday 6am - 6pm
0-1 hours $4
1-2 hours $8
2-3 hours $12
3-4 hours $16
4-5 hours $20
5+ hours maximum fee $24
Evening (from 6pm) $2 per hour or a maximum of $10
Weekend and public holidays $2 per hour or a maximum of $10
Mobility parking First 2 hours free then usual rates, free after 6pm

Victoria St car park does not have early-bird parking.

Tariffs are a guideline only and subject to change. Refer to the schedule of fees at the car park entry.


For assistance when in the car park, press the Call button on a payment machine.

Phone 09 355 3553

Live parking availability

Updated just now.
Refreshes every 60 seconds.
During peak times availability can change rapidly.

Ticket-less parking

AT Park Area ID 100314

Pay with the AT Park app and avoid the payment machine queues.

Learn more about using the ticket-less system.


30 Kitchener Street.

Entry at 30 Kitchener Street, corner Victoria Street East and Kitchener Street.

Parking convenient to Albert Park, Queen Street, Auckland University.

Operating hours

Monday to Friday 6am - 12am (midnight).

Saturday 6am - 12:30am.

Sunday & public holidays 6am - 12am (midnight).

Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Victoria Street car park building

Ticket-less entry, exit and payment

The entry, exit and payment system is based on your vehicle licence plate number - no ticket is needed. 

You can avoid the queues by using the AT Park app to pay. Please pay before returning to your car, to help avoid queues forming at the exit. 

You will need to know your licence plate number to pay at the machine. Tip: Take a photo of your licence plate number so you have it with you when it’s time to pay.

Learn more about using the ticket-less licence plate recognition system.


Evening, weekend and public holiday parking

$2 per hour to a maximum of $10 per day.

Evening rates apply from 6pm.

Early-bird parking

Victoria St car park does not have early-bird parking.

Ways to pay

Payment machine

Payment machines are located in both pedestrian entrances off High Street.

They accept Visa, Mastercard, including paywave, and EFTPOS payments. There is one machine that accepts cash.

AT Park app

You do not need to start a parking session. Once you’re back at your car, enter the AT Park Area ID 100314 and confirm payment. Just drive out (the gate will open automatically).

You can download the AT Park app for free via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Learn more about using the ticket-less system or AT Park.

Mobility parking

6am to 6pm: First two hours free, normal tariff thereafter. One entry and exit per period.

6pm to 6am: Free.

Take your mobility card to a pay machine and press the help button to talk to our team.

Monthly parking

Reserved allocated, Levels G to 5: $510

Reserved unallocated, Levels 6 to 20: $312

Micro bays - $264

Learn more about monthly leases and check availability.

Car park features

Multi-storey car park building.

895 spaces on twenty levels.

Vehicle height clearance 2m.

Green/red way-finding sensors.

Well lit, clean and tidy.

Electric vehicles charge points: 3 on level 6. For help and support visit

Easy access to High Street.

Way-finding system

Sensors record, at any point in time, what spaces are available in the car park. The way-finding system then shows a red or green light over each bay to indicate whether it is available or not.

Other parking

Auckland Transport offers free designated parking for motorcycles in all of its car park buildings.

Parking spaces for motorcycles are clearly marked out and only one motorcycle per space is permitted.

Parking scenarios to help calculate your parking costs

Scenario 1: Park on Friday after 5pm and leave the car there until Monday, 7am. Total cost: $10.00 x 3 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) + $8 = $38.

Scenario 2: Park on Friday at 7am and leave at 10pm. Total cost = $24 - the maximum daily rate during the week.

Scenario 3: Park on Friday at 8pm and return later than you planned. Will you be able to get your car out?

Victoria Street car park is open from 6am Friday until midnight so you will be able to remove your car at any time before midnight on Friday. If you want to remove your car when the car park is closed (eg. between 12am - 6am Saturday), you will need to contact Armourguard on 080 0900 015 for assistance and pay a release fee additional to your parking fee.

Construction work 2019 & 2020

The car park is still open while we build a new lift-shaft to improve access to all car park levels. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Currently, lift access to all car park levels from the High Street entrance is limited to one small lift. To speed up and improve customer access, an additional lift shaft is to be constructed, incorporating a newer, larger and more modern lift car, adjacent to the existing lift.

To construct the new lift shaft, some concrete cutting and other construction work is required. Sound insulated hoardings will be constructed around the work site and work will take place on two levels, simultaneously, to speed up the work timeline.

To minimise disruption to inner city residents, the work will be carried out between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. 

AT recognises that the noise may be intrusive.

Following the installation of the new lift, the existing lift will be replaced with a new one. At the end of the project, car park users will have improved access to the 20 car park levels.

Project timeline

  • The construction work is scheduled to start in mid-June 2019.
  • The new lift shaft is expected to be completed in late November 2020.
  • The entire program of work, including the replacement of the existing lift car, is expected to be finished in August 2020.

February 2020 update

The project is currently running a few weeks behind schedule. However, the concrete cutting, which is the noisiest part of the project, was completed in December 2019. The contractor is currently undertaking tiling of the lift lobby on level two, as well as construction of a new lift lobby on level 20.

Work on the installation of a new lift car is scheduled to begin within the next two weeks. This lift should be complete and operational by the end of May 2020. Once this new lift is operational, the existing lift car will be removed and replaced with a new lift car.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of the first week of October 2020.

Terms and conditions

AT does not allow any advertising without prior authorisation or the sale or distribution of any goods in our car parks, unless it is part of a licensed market activity during the market's operating hours.

AT does not allow the distribution of advertising material or storage of goods in its car parks.

View Auckland Transport's car park terms and conditions.