Car park terms and conditions Car park terms and conditions

Conditions of Use

Entry to this car park is upon acceptance of the conditions of use set out below.

If you do not accept the conditions set out below, please leave the car park.

This car park is for use only during the stated hours of operation (as per the tariffs board) and then only for parking or retrieval of motor vehicles.

You agree to the following car park rules:

  • You must comply with all laws, regulations and rules that apply when operating your vehicle in this car park. In particular, vehicles must be operated safely, with due care and consideration, and cannot be operated in a reckless or dangerous manner.
  • Skateboarding, rollerblading and skating are prohibited.
  • The placing and distribution of advertising material in this car park, or on vehicles is prohibited.
  • Overnight camping is prohibited.
  • Loitering is not permitted at any time.
  • Any person found causing damage to the car park, machinery or contents of the car park risks prosecution.
  • The consumption of alcohol or illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be prosecuted.
  • When using this car park you must ensure that the correct parking charges for your vehicle are paid, prior to departure. In a Pay & Display car park you must display the parking receipt in a legible manner on the vehicle’s dashboard. No vehicle shall be removed from the carpark without payment of all parking charges.
  • You must not obstruct other persons or vehicles using the car park.
  • Where motorcycle parking is provided, motorcycles may only park in motorcycle designated areas.
  • You must not park:
    • in any area marked “RESERVED” without authorisation from Auckland Transport
    • in an area where parking is prohibited
    • outside of the line-marked bays
  • The vehicle you are parking in the car park:
    • must have a current warrant of fitness and registration.
    • must be able, at all times, to be driven under its own power and not present any danger or risk to other vehicles or persons or the car park.

You agree to the following car park terms and conditions:

  1. Auckland Transport shall not be responsible for any injury to any person or damage or loss to any property (including a vehicle or any goods contained therein).
  2. Vehicles shall be parked in accordance with any direction given by Auckland Transport, its employees or agents.
  3. In the event of the parking ticket being lost, or a vehicle being left in the parking building for any period without purchasing a parking ticket or paying the required parking charges, the vehicle shall only be released on proof of ownership of the vehicle to the satisfaction of Auckland Transport, its employees or agents. The payment of all outstanding parking charges/and or the lost ticket fee must be paid before release of the vehicle.
  4. Auckland Transport does not undertake the safe keeping of vehicles or to release a vehicle only on production of a ticket.
  5. Auckland Transport reserves the right to refuse admittance to or remove any vehicles from the car park without being obliged to give any reason for such action. In the event of a removal, any parking charges that have been paid may be refunded at the discretion of Auckland Transport.
  6. Auckland Transport, or its employees, or any agents may deliver the motor vehicle to any person producing a ticket, an access card claim check, or offering such evidence of ownership or authority or entitlement to receive the motor vehicle as Auckland Transport deems appropriate.
  7. Auckland Transport, its employees, or agents shall not be liable in negligence, contract or in respect of any other cause of action arising out of loss of/or damage to the motor vehicle or any of its accessories or contents caused by delivering the motor vehicle to some person authorised to take delivery.
  8. The owner and/or driver of the motor vehicle shall pay such parking charges and any fees as are set by Auckland Transport from time to time. A fresh parking charge is levied each time the vehicle enters the car park unless special arrangements have been made in advance with Auckland Transport, its employees or agents.
  9. Vehicles may be retrieved from the car park after it is closed and secured, by contacting its agent and paying the prescribed fee, which is additional to parking charges.
  10. You are liable for any damage to the car park building or to any other vehicle caused by you or your vehicle.
  11. Any vehicle left within the car park in excess of 30 days will be deemed abandoned and may be sold to offset costs of parking and storage as determined by Auckland Transport from time to time.
  12. If you breach these conditions we may issue an enforcement notice or remove your vehicle by having it towed at your risk and expense and we may hold the vehicle until all outstanding debt and administration fees have been paid. All legal rights and remedies and applicable bylaws will be pursued in the enforcement of these terms and conditions.