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2018 Travelwise Choices Awards celebrate the success of Auckland businesses committed to promoting sustainable transport.

The Travelwise Choices Awards are held as an opportunity to share the successes of the Travelwise Choices organizations we work with and businesses across Auckland who are committed to promoting sustainable transport to their staff, students and colleagues. It is a time for us to recognize the great initiatives led by businesses and institutions to encourage walking, cycling, public transport and carpooling within their workplace.

Have you had success with promoting carpooling or cycling at your workplace? Have you run an amazing event to motivate your staff to leave their cars at home? Do you have a Sustainable Travel Champion who goes the extra mile to get people at your work involved?

We’ll be seeking award nominations soon, so please stay tuned!


If you have any questions about the awards or are interested in speaking at the event, please email

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The Travelwise Choices Awards were previously known as the Commute Awards.

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