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Travelwise Choices Awards Travelwise Choices Awards

The annual Travelwise Choices Awards are a celebration of the success of organisations doing good in the transport space.

The Travelwise Choices Awards recognise the commitment of businesses, individuals and community organisations to encourage staff, students, customers and volunteers to make fewer car journeys.

Nominations for 2020 are now closed. Winners will be updated below as they are announced through social and traditional media throughout October.

Award winners by category

Community awards

These awards are open for community organisations and groups:

Superior Grassroots Action award icon

Superior Grassroots Action

An organisation that has activated and helped a wide community access, learn about or spread transport choices through a grassroots level.

Event of the Year award icon

Event of the Year

A specific transport initiative within the year that has been particularly successful.

Individual awards

These awards are open for community, business or individual leaders:

Champion of Modes award icon

Champion of Modes

A passionate advocate for any and all better travel modes.

Sustained Leadership award icon

Sustained Leadership

An individual who has proven sustained leadership in the transport space by encouraging better travel choices.

Innovation award

This award is open to any individual or group:

Innovator Thinker award icon

Innovative Thinker

For new and bold approaches to managing transport and encouraging better ways.

Business awards

These awards are open for businesses and organisations:

Excellence in Travel Choices award icon

Excellence in Travel Choices

Proven sustained mode shift and excellence in enabling it.

Flexible Future award icon

Flexible Future

Continuing to enable and encourage flexible policies post-lockdown and moving forward.

Initiative of the Year award icon

Initiative of the Year

A specific transport initiative within the year that has been particularly successful.

Sustained Leadership in Transport award icon

Sustained Leadership in Transport

Widespread, outspoken and vocal leadership in transport. Those walking and sharing the talk.


Nominations have been adjudicated by the following panel of independent judges:

Headshot of Alec Tang

Alec Tang
Acting Chief Sustainability Officer
Auckland Council

Headshot of Andy Smith

Andy Smith
Walking Advocate

Headshot of Barb Cuthbert

Barb Cuthbert
Chair and Spokesperson
Bike Auckland

Headshot of Dr Jim Mather

Dr Jim Mather
Mather Solutions

Headshot of Dr Kirsty Wild

Dr Kirsty Wild
Research Fellow, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
The University of Auckland

Information about the 2020 Awards

The awards are entirely online, free to enter, and adjudicated by an independent panel of judges. Winners will receive a physical trophy and certificate and have bespoke videos, stories and articles created about their success. This content will be promoted through tailored social and traditional media campaigns to announce winners.

Projects, businesses and organisations will be considered according to their category-specific criteria and agreement with the following.

The organisation, individual or project:

  • aligns to Auckland Transport’s goals of increasing public transport, walking and cycling, and reducing congestion
  • has an Auckland-specific focus and registered address
  • aims to enhance the wellbeing of all those involved, directly or indirectly
  • contributes positive societal benefits to Auckland.

Nominations from organisations, individuals or for projects which directly conflict with the above goals will not be considered.

Terms and conditions apply.

Previous Award Winners

The 2019 Travelwise Choices Awards took place on 13 November 2019. Generating fierce competition, we eventually managed to select winners for our five categories to take home the award. The ceremony featured keynote speaker Andrew Barnes, advocate of the four-day working week and several well-known community figures.

Read about our previous Award winners.

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