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Travelwise Choices Awards Travelwise Choices Awards

The Travelwise Choices Awards are held as an opportunity to share the successes of the Travelwise Choices organisations AT works with and businesses across Auckland who are committed to promoting sustainable transport to their staff, students and colleagues.

Travelwise Choices Awards 2019 banner

Travelwise Choices Award 2019 Winners

The 2019 Travelwise Choices Awards took place on 13 November 2019. The awards included presentations from Auckland Museum (2018 Supreme Award Winner), Good Sense (2018 Think Outside the Car Award Winner), and 4-Day Week Architect Andrew Barnes.

Supreme Travelwise Choices Award icon

Supreme Travelwise Choices Award

For the entry that was considered truly remarkable. This award is for an out-of-the-ordinary initiative or an outstanding campaign with an innovative approach.

Supreme Award Winner, Consult Recruitment

Winner - Consult Recruitment

Consult Recruitment’s story of moving from two offices to one location with good Public Transport options is an inspiring one.

Through some clever initiatives such as a monthly transport allowance for staff who use public transport and a company car pool system, Consult have managed to have a very positive impact on the commuting habits of their staff.

In addition, they have found many benefits along the way, their organisation is stronger for it and their staff are healthier and happier.

Flexi Award icon

Flexi Award

For the organisation with the best implementation of flexible working practices.

Flexi Award Winner, Auckland Museum

Winner - Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum launched a suite of Flexible Work Policy and Leave benefits to respond to staff feedback on their commuting challenges in 2018.

A recent staff survey showed that 86% of employees agreed that their productivity has enhanced after Auckland Museum introduced their Flexible Work Policy, and 49% of staff have utilised the policy to work remotely.

These initiatives are part of their Wellness Programme and Travel Plan goal to reduce the number of people driving to work and they have been successful in encouraging people to get out of their cars and travel sustainably.

Sustainable Travel Champion Award icon

Sustainable Travel Champion Award

This award recognises either the overall sustainable travel achievements in an organisation, or someone who 'walks the talk' or goes the extra mile to motivate others, organise events, or actively promote sustainable travel options.

Sustainable Travel Champion Award Winner, Myles Dalton (Ricoh New Zealand)

Winner - Myles Dalton (Ricoh New Zealand)

Myles Dalton was the first employee to champion and introduce a Health & Safety policy for employee use of e-transport options, and he travels to and from work using a combination of public transport and e-bike. Myles encouraged all managers to travel to work sustainably, which has resulted in several managers shifting to a more sustainable commute, including those that live over an hour away.

He recently assisted a new employee with managing their commute to work and convinced her to trial an e-scooter as well as taking the bus. This cut the employee’s commute time by 50%, and a clause was added into her contract stating that if she commutes via e-scooter and public transport two or more times a week for 12 months, the company e-scooter is hers to keep.

Many other employees are keen to reduce their carbon footprint so Myles is looking into expanding this policy throughout the company.

Highly commended for the Sustainable Travel Champion Award, Megan Harvey, Auckland Museum

Highly Commended - Megan Harvey, Auckland Museum

Megan Harvey, the face of cycling at Auckland Museum, has shown a great commitment to promoting cycling to others at work.

In 2018, she encouraged people to participate in the Auckland Bike Challenge and in 2019, she was able to double the participation rate for the challenge.

Not only did she promote the Bike Challenge, but she also organised a Bike Month promotional event complete with an information stand and external bike shop partners e-bike showcase.

Additionally, Megan has actively engaged with the museum staff and volunteers about how to access their bike cage, and the other end-of-journey facilities.

Her success was highlighted in an article in the NZ Herald's: Why e-bike commuters are happiest.

Active Transport Award icon

Active Transport Award

For the organisation demonstrating the best advocacy and initiatives targeting the uptake of cycling and walking.

Active Transport Award Winner, Jasmax

Winner - Jasmax

Winners of the Auckland Bike Challenge for the past four years, Jasmax says their success wouldn’t have been possible without challenge champion Elsa Benjamin. For two years, Elsa has led by example, regularly using the company e-bike and volunteering her time outside of work hours to provide e-bike safety training to colleagues. She recently worked alongside our Health and Safety officer to get ‘Cycling safely to meetings’ included in their Transport Policy.

Over the last six years, Jasmax has increased transport options and access, including better cycling facilities, the CityHop car scheme and bookable office e-bikes. 74% of Jasmax staff use sustainable transport to get to and from work, with 32% using public transport and 25% using active modes. Jasmax has a number of sustainable travel options available to staff including four company e-bikes, AT HOP cards at reception for staff to use, and a corporate account with CityHop.

Highly commended for Active Transport Award, KPMG New Zealand

Highly Commended - KPMG New Zealand

KPMG purchased five e-bikes for staff at their Auckland Office, all of which are themed to align with KPMG’s values - Inclusion and Diversity, Pride, KIWA, Green/Environmental, and Schools and communities.

Since launching the e-bikes, over 65 employees have completed online and practical training run in partnership with Big Street Bikers. The end-of-trip facilities and bike storage available in each of KPMG’s offices allows employees to commute sustainably and stress-free.

Go Metro Award icon

Go Metro Award

This award celebrates workplace advocacy for travel on the bus, train, or ferry.

Go Metro Award Winner, Consult Recruitment

Winner - Consult Recruitment

Last year, Consult Recruitment made the bold call to close their two offices in Takapuna and Newmarket and combine them into one central office with great public transport accessibility. Since settling in their new Britomart office, the number of staff who drive to work has dropped from 92% to 37%.

Consult Recruitment reward public transport users by paying them monthly transport allowances, and also introduced a company carpool system where consultants can book a company car and use it to get to business meetings around Auckland.

Since adopting sustainable travel habits, Consult Recruitment employees have socialised more outside of work, built better relationships with clients and generally feel more relaxed.

Highly commended for Go Metro Award, Fletcher Building

Highly Commended - Fletcher Building

Fletcher Building sponsor their employees to travel free on buses and trains between workplaces and home and client offices and encourage them to use public transport instead of driving private vehicles.

Each month, the company spends approximately $17K to top up employees’ AT HOP cards. They have also added multiple cycling lockup facilities, dedicated motorcycle bays and showers on site to encourage staff to cycle more often.

Previous Award Winners

The 2018 Travelwise Choices Awards took place on 2 August. The awards included presentations from sustainable business champions, including Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland Council and AA Insurance, Datacom and Tonkin & Taylor. 2018 winners were awarded across six categories, including walking, cycling, public transport and carpooling. Read about our previous Award winners.

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