Halsey Street, Auckland Central – Lane arrangements Halsey Street, Auckland Central – Lane arrangements

Proposal status: closed 3 September 2018

Reference number: NOP1819-001

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We are proposing to extend the dedicated kerbside bus lane on Halsey Street between Victoria Street West and Fanshawe Street. The changes include:

  • Extension of the dedicated kerbside bus lane to operate at all times.
  • Changing the existing through lane to a left only lane.
  • Changing the adjacent right only lane to a shared through and right lane.
  • Installation of advanced stop boxes.

Download the proposal drawing for Halsey Street (PDF 2.1MB) 

Why the changes are needed

This is expected to reduce delays for buses turning left onto Fanshawe Street from Halsey Street improving the efficiency of the bus network. Currently, buses are waiting on average 4-5 minutes to turn left from Halsey Street onto Fanshawe Street during evening peak traffic.

Proposal outcome

After having received mixed feedback, the proposal will not currently be proceeding. A number of respondents expressed concerns into potential impacts around cyclist safety, and we believe that further investigations will be required in order to ensure that the proposal best meets the needs of all road users. We will provide updates when available.

A summary of the community feedback we received and answers to questions and concerns is below.

Feedback received

  • Concerns that cyclists and pedestrians are not being prioritised; that there are a disproportionate number of car lanes compared to the number of cyclists and pedestrians who use the intersection. There are existing signalised pedestrian crossings in place on all legs of the intersection which we believe provide a good level of service for people crossing at this location. The proposal will not currently proceed due to concerns raised over cyclist safety. We believe that further investigation will be required.
  • Concerns that the proposal increases risks for cyclists travelling north at this intersection; two lane changes would be required for cyclists to enter Halsey Street (North). We appreciate your concerns and have taken them into consideration. At this stage, the proposal will not proceed due to potential impacts and concerns around cyclist safety.
  • Requests to also provide dedicated cycle lanes on Halsey Street due to its importance as an entry to Wynyard Quarter for cyclists; suggestions that this could be achieved by removing a car lane. Northbound cycle lanes would require physical separation and their own phase. This would result in significant delays for cyclists and other road users such as pedestrians and buses on other legs. However, further investigation will be required.
  • Suggestion to implement a ‘B’ traffic light phase at the intersection, enabling buses and bike users to clear the intersection before cars. We are currently not proceeding with this project due to potential impacts and concerns around cyclist safety.
  • Concern that the slip lane from Fanshawe Street onto Halsey Street is not being removed. Removal of the existing slip lane would likely result in reduced intersection efficiency. Our investigations indicate that maintaining the slip lane at this location does not pose significant safety hazards to pedestrians, so its removal is not currently needed.
  • Request to remove one northbound lane from the northern leg of Halsey Street, given that all approaches are single lane. The additional northbound lane is required for tracking due to buses, and its presence improves traffic flow at the intersection with Gaunt Street and Viaduct Harbour Avenue.
  • Request to make Halsey Street (North) 30 km/h on entry. This speed limit is already in effect. Halsey Street currently transitions to 30 km/h immediately north of the intersection with Fanshawe Street.
  • Concern that increasing the number of bus movements on Halsey Street will increase noise and pollution for local residents. The proposal will not be going ahead at this stage. We have passed your concerns onto the relevant AT team for further investigation.
  • Request for all AT buses to be electric or low emissions. We have passed your concerns onto the AT Metro Team for further investigation.

Next steps

Updates will be provided when available.