Town Centre Drive and Chapel Road, East Tamaki - Driver and pedestrian safety improvements Town Centre Drive and Chapel Road, East Tamaki - Driver and pedestrian safety improvements

Proposal status: Feedback closed 10 August 2020, last updated 28 January 2021

Reference number: CSFH1.2B

Proposal outcome

In July 2020, we proposed changes to improve safety for drivers and pedestrians at Town Centre Drive and Chapel Road intersection in East Tamaki. We have listened to community feedback and have decided that this proposal will not proceed to the next stage of detailed planning. Feedback highlighted concerns with the removal of the left turn slip lane (from Town Centre Drive on to Chapel Road) and the additional congestion associated with this change.

After discussion with the local board, and as this project is dependent on funding, we have decided not to proceed with this proposal. 

What happens next

In the future, once funding is secured, we will investigate a new design which will take into account all feedback received from this proposal. When a new proposal is designed, we will consult with the community again.

Community feedback

Thank you for helping us make better decisions for your neighbourhood, informed by your local knowledge. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

  • Concern about an increase in congestion if there is only one lane for the North and South bound traffic. Suggestion to retain the two lanes for the Southbound traffic as the area is very busy during peak times. The proposal does not change the layout of the intersection and the number of lanes would remain the same on all approaches. The proposal was to replace left turn slip lanes into left turn lanes. Traffic modelling showed that there would be no change in the overall level of service or to left turn manoeuvres.
  • Concern about traffic build up on Town Centre Drive, especially during peak times, and the short amount of time the traffic lights are on green. Due to high pedestrian volumes during the after-school period we have intentionally extended the pedestrian walk time to accommodate the increased demand and allow longer protection for the students. It is common practice to increase pedestrian walk times for brief periods of time (pick up and drop off times) across signalised crossings that are close to schools.
  • Suggestion for a single left turn signal from Town Centre Drive to Chapel Road (Eastbound direction). We have investigated the traffic signal plans which the intersection normally runs during the afternoon period and the traffic split for the left turn movement from Town Centre Drive is quite significant for a side road. We cannot allocate additional time for this turning movement as we may cause significant delays for other approaches.

We've proposed changes in your area

Howick Local Board and Auckland Transport are proposing safety improvements at Town Centre Drive and Chapel Road intersection, East Tamaki. These changes have been requested by the Howick Local Board as there is a lack of safe crossing points at this intersection for the many students travelling to Botany Downs Secondary College. These changes aim to make it safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

This project is supported by the regional fuel tax fund.

Changes proposed on Town Centre Drive and Chapel Road

  • Remove the left turn slip lanes and widen the footpath to support the number of people needing to cross the intersection. This will require the removal of one tree.
  • Install tactile pavers which are yellow guidance paving markers to help visually impaired people to find their way to the crossing and safely cross the road.
  • Expand footpaths and grass berms to provide access for pedestrians on all corners of the intersection.
  • Paint green cycle lanes and stop boxes for cyclists to safely travel on the road and wait at the traffic lights.
  • Realign signal poles and streetlights will be installed to support safe travel through the intersection.
  • Remark the existing broken yellow lines (no stopping at all times) to follow the new kerbline.

Download the proposal drawing for Town Centre Drive and Chapel Road (PDF 229KB)

Community Safety Fund

The Community Safety Fund is focused on tackling road safety concerns. This programme is dependent on the level of funding AT receives from Auckland Council. Unfortunately this year, funding has been constrained due to the impact of Covid-19.

Planning and design will continue but currently many projects cannot be delivered in the 2020/2021 financial year.

East Tamaki: Safe with us

Auckland Transport cares for your safety. We want to make our roads safe for everyone, people walking and cycling, especially for our kids and senior citizens and people driving. Projects like this one around Town Centre Drive and Chapel Road are another step towards our goal of achieving no deaths or serious injuries on our roads. We are guided by the Vision Zero approach to transport safety, which prioritises human safety over other measures (like minor time saving).