Constellation Drive, Rosedale – T2 transit lane Constellation Drive, Rosedale – T2 transit lane

Proposal status: Feedback closed 29 March 2021. Last updated 13 May 2021

Reference number: NOP2021-014

Proposal outcome

In March 2021, we proposed changes to extend the hours of the T2 transit lane on Constellation Drive in Rosedale. After reviewing all the feedback, we are proceeding with the work as proposed. These works will help support our Vision Zero goal.

Find the consultation feedback report here.

What happens next

We anticipate these changes will be completed by July 2021. We will be in touch with residents and businesses prior to any construction taking place.

Community feedback

Thank you for adding your voice to this proposal. Your local knowledge has helped us make this decision for your neighbourhood. A summary of your comments and queries, and our responses to them, is below.


  • Many suggestions that there should be a clearway for all vehicles during peak hours with no parking at the sides of the street.
    In April 2018 we proposed a clearway in this area of Constellation Drive. When we consulted with the community at that time, people told us they didn’t support a clearway in this area because they were concerned about parking being removed. People also told us they needed a pedestrian crossing because it wasn’t easy or safe to cross the road. Because of this feedback, we installed a pedestrian crossing outside number 33, but did not implement the clearway. We have investigated the best way to move the most people and goods (we call this a productivity assessment), looking at the options of a clearway, T2 or T3 transit lane, or a bus lane. Our assessment found that the most effective way to move the most people and goods is a westbound T2 transit lane during the busy afternoon period rather than a clearway. No changes are needed for eastbound traffic.
  • Concern raised about parking loss as there is not enough parking available in the area for the demand.
    We acknowledge that this proposal will remove some commuter parking, but improving the travel time for buses and providing priority to vehicles carrying two or more people as well as cyclists and motorbikes can encourage carpooling and using other sustainable modes of transport which makes it easier for everyone to move around. There is also a benefit to businesses as it is likely this proposal will enable easier on-street parking for visitors between 10am and 4pm as the area will no longer be so attractive for people to park all day.

T2 lane design

  • Concern that the T2 lane will cause issues for people heading towards the Southern motorway or turning left onto side streets as they will be forced into the same queue as people wanting to go north.
    The existing lane arrangement has a single lane in the westbound direction during the afternoon peak period. This proposal will open an additional lane for westbound traffic heading to the bus station and the motorway in the afternoon peak period. All drivers, regardless of how many people are in their vehicle, can legally use the T2 transit lane for 50m before they turn. General traffic can use the kerbside lane in the T2 lane between Parkway Drive and the motorway.
  • Concern that the T2 lane will cause traffic backups as traffic is forced into one lane.
    The existing lane arrangement for eastbound traffic is a single lane after the morning peak period. The proposed T2 lane in the afternoon peak will allow more people to travel west because there will be two lanes during the afternoon peak period.
  • Suggestion that the traffic eligible for T2 (Buses, 2+ people in cars, cyclists) are a small percentage of traffic so the proposal should prioritise cars.
    Transit lanes are designed to prioritise the movement of more people. Cars can still travel in the T2 lane provided there are 2 or more occupants.
  • Suggestions there should be a clearway at peak or all times for all vehicles with no parking on one or both sides of the street.
    Since traffic conditions are generally free flowing during the off-peak hours, changing the lanes to 24-hour transit lanes is not required. We are proposing a change to the hours of the T2 lane during the afternoon peak period.
  • Suggestion that the hours of the T2 lane on Constellation Drive North should be extended.
    We looked at potential changes to the lane operation for the northern side of Constellation Drive. The existing clearway for the morning peak is the most efficient way to move people and goods for that side of Constellation Drive. If this changes in the future, we’ll undertake a productivity / efficiency assessment to understand how we need to change the lane arrangement.
  • Suggestion that the T2 lane should stop at Parkway Drive as a clearway is needed between Parkway Drive and motorway onramp. Impossible to turn left into Constellation Drive from business area in peak times.
    The transit lane ends before Parkway Drive East. There is a cycle lane from this driveway to the Parkway Drive signalised intersection and no parking between the Parkway Drive signals and the State Highway 1 signals.

North side of Constellation Drive

  • Suggestion to remove the T2 lane after Apollo Dr as north and south bound traffic and traffic for Centurion Dr is all forced into one lane adding to congestion and increasing likelihood for residents of getting an infringement notice when turning left into side streets.
    Drivers are allowed to travel in the transit lane for 50m. This is enough distance for a driver to indicate and merge into the kerbside lane to turn into a side road.
  • Concern that all-day parkers will be forced into Centurion Drive.
    Drivers can park on any street if they are doing so safely.
  • Suggestion to create clear zone at the Centurion/Constellation intersection as it is very difficult to turn out at busy times and a new housing development is about to be built.
    Auckland Transport will continue to monitor this area to see if the traffic trends change and we’ll address any issues that arise.


  • Provide grade separated cycle lanes on Constellation Dr to connect with the busway and to encourage mode shift - not car parking
    This proposal only involves the installation of additional signage and minor road marking changes. Including a grade-separated cycle lane is not in the scope of this proposal, but we hope prioritising T2 vehicles at peak times will encourage use of public transport, carpooling, and bicycling.
  • Concern that this proposal does not make the road safer for cyclists.
    Cyclists can use the T2 transit lane and no longer have to use the main lane for travelling westbound.
  • Concern that Constellation Drive and East Coast Road intersection extremely unsafe for cyclists and walkers
    We are committed to the safety of all Aucklanders so we will forward your concerns on to the relevant team.

Issues with buses

  • Suggestion to extend Constellation Drive south bus lane to Parkway Drive because traffic queues stop buses getting to park and ride.
    The proposed T2 transit lane will help keep buses as well as cyclists and vehicles with 2 or more people travelling westbound moving because it will mean people can’t park in the kerbside lane during the afternoon peak periods.
  • Concern that buses stop at bus stops in the middle of the lane, which can cause delays.
    We understand that this can be inconvenient, but buses make brief stops on many arterial corridors at peak times and can be manoeuvred around using the free lane if safe to do so.


  • Suggestion that the motorway intersection traffic light system needs to operate better as current cycle of lights contributes to the congestion.
    The operation of the motorway intersection signals is monitored by Waka Kotahi NZTA, so we will forward these concerns on to them.
  • Park and Ride has insufficient spaces for the demand.
    While the Park and Ride may not have enough spaces at present, this proposal should improve the travel time reliability of buses, making it more attractive to use a bus to get to the bus station.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your opinions and comments.

We're proposing improvements in your area

Aucklanders have told us that moving around our city safely and easily is important to them. We are proposing some improvements to your area.

We have received multiple requests from the community to improve the evening peak traffic flow along the southern side of Constellation Drive and our investigations confirm the need for changes. We are proposing to extend the operating hours of the T2 transit lane to help move more people safely and quickly. Transit lanes help reduce the number of vehicles on the road and help spread the jam by giving people travelling in a car with two or more people a quicker trip than if they were in a single-occupancy car.

The changes we are proposing:

  • Extend the hours of the T2 transit lane on the southern side of Constellation Drive between East Coast Road and the State Highway 1 on ramp to also operate during the afternoon peak, between 4pm and 7pm Monday to Friday. There will be no change to the lane operation on the northern side of the road.
  • Approximately 61 parking spaces will not be available between 4pm to 7pm weekdays when the lane operates. A parking survey showed that only 50% of spaces were in use after 4pm.
  • Paint broken yellow lines (no stopping at all times) around 4 existing bus stops to allow enough space for buses to manoeuvre into and out of the stops. This is part of our efforts to standardise bus stops across Auckland and will permanently remove 5 car parking spaces on Constellation Drive - 2 at #36, 2 opposite Vega Place and 1 at #17. The stop at #8 will not lose any car parks.

Constellation Drive is a major arterial road and an important link to State Highway 1 and the Northern Busway. During the evening peak, parked vehicles prevent traffic heading west from using the transit lane. This is dangerous for people on bikes, forces buses into traffic queues and causes delays.

In April 2018 we consulted on a proposal to introduce an evening peak clearway on this stretch of road. The proposal was placed on hold, pending further safety investigations. We are pleased that we can now proceed with seeking feedback on the redesigned proposal – a transit/T2 lane that will give priority to people on bikes, buses and cars carrying two or more people.

This project is supported by the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax.

Read feedback from the previous consultation for a Clearway on Constellation Drive.

Download the proposal drawing for Constellation Drive (PDF 2.3MB).

Give your feedback for Constellation Drive

If you would like to post in your feedback, download and print our feedback form template, fill in your details and send it freepost using the address details on the form.

What happens next

  • We’ll listen to all the feedback we receive, and then decide the best way to move forward.
  • We’ll post the outcome of this proposal and a summary of community feedback on this webpage.
  • We can email you the proposal outcome as soon as it’s ready – just select that option when you fill in the survey.

Rosedale: Safe with us

Auckland Transport cares for your safety. We want to make our roads safe for everyone, people walking and cycling, especially for our kids and senior citizens and people driving. Projects like this one around Constellation Drive are another step towards our goal of achieving no deaths or serious injuries on our roads. We are guided by the Vision Zero approach to transport safety, which prioritises human safety over other measures (like minor time saving).