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Queen Street changes Queen Street changes

Auckland’s city centre is transforming to become a world-class place that is thoughtfully designed and reflects the changing way we use our city. 

Project status: Construction
Project zone: Central

Project overview

Guided by the City Centre Masterplan (CCMP) - the 20-year vision - the city centre and waterfront will continue to undergo exciting changes over the next few years. 

The completion of the City Rail Link (CRL) will be accompanied by new public spaces and better transport connections within the city centre, including the Downtown waterfront, Wai Horotiu Valley, Aotea Quarter and Karangahape Road. 

At the heart of the CCMP is the Access for Everyone (A4E) concept. A4E proposes to transform how people and freight movement in the city centre. By enabling a decisive mode-shift away from private vehicles, it aims to make better use of the finite city centre space by prioritising space for pedestrians while ensure access is maintained for emergency and service vehicles. 

Aucklanders were overwhelmingly supportive of Access for Everyone, with 82 per cent of submitters endorsing the concept through the City Centre Masterplan consultation.

Project background

Wai Horotiu Queen Street Valley Project overview

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are making changes in Wai Horotiu Queen Street Valley, which will make it a place to come to, not through. The changes will be designed to provide more and better-quality space for people and to prioritise Aucklanders who walk and use public transport in the area.

The project team is working to design quality streetscape improvements for Queen Street. The type of improvements will reflect feedback received through a co-design process with stakeholders last year, and through ongoing discussions with Queen Street users.

For more information on the Queen Street pilot, upcoming opportunities to provide feedback on changes being made, and how the pilot reflects the aims of the City Centre Masterplan, you can go to Auckland Council’s project page.

Wai Horotiu Queen Street Project consultation

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are consulting on the next, and final, stage of the Wai Horotiu Queen Street Project. Consultation is open from 22 September until 20 October 2021.

The consultation covers the length of Queen Street from Shortland Street to Mayoral Drive and includes proposals for how we plan to remove private motor vehicles from Queen Street, in line with the vision expressed by the City Centre Masterplan.

The design also shows you how we will make changes to the northern end, between Customs Street and Shortland Street, so that the layout is consistent.

You can find a complete plan for the street, so that you can see how it all fits together, on the AK Have Your Say web page: This is a change, suggested by you, to the section by section design approach originally proposed.

When implemented this plan would deliver an improved and more vibrant street environment, with fewer cars and more quality space for people.

Find out more on the Auckland Council AK Have Your Say page.

Interim parking and loading changes - consultation update

In mid-June, Auckland Council made the decision to remove the COVID-19 emergency works on Queen Street, which were introduced in March 2020 to provide additional space for people walking in the city during the pandemic.

As part of some Queen Street network changes we proposed earlier this year, businesses told us they felt there were insufficient spaces available for loading and servicing on Queen Street.

People also identified accessibility as a key issue, especially in the arts sector around the Town Hall.

As a result of the COVID-19 emergency works being removed, we asked for your opinion on interim changes we proposed to loading and servicing on Queen Street. These interim changes were proposed to remove all general parking from Queen Street and replace it with a mix of loading zones and goods loading zones.

What you told us

Top feedback themes focused on changing the function of Queen Street:

  1. do not support increased parking loading and/or traffic on Queen Street
  2. think we should ban or reduce general/private vehicle access to Queen Street
  3. want improved bus access along Queen Street
  4. want improved access along Queen Street for people on bikes/wheels.

Submissions from Heart of the City, the business association for Auckland’s city centre, and members of the art sector, on behalf of their patrons, supported the changes, at least until such time as a strategic approach to loading, servicing, kerbside planning, and rideshare, taxi and mobility access has been prepared.

More detail on submissions to this consultation can be found in the interim parking and loading changes feedback summary report, here.

Next steps

The interim loading changes will be left in place, as proposed, until Auckland Council moves to consult, in stages, south towards Mayoral Drive as part of the Wai Horotiu Queen Street Project. Consultation on the next stage of this project is expected in August this year.

The feedback received as part of this consultation, and that received during the earlier, network consultation, will be used to feed into any parking and loading changes to be incorporated into the design for each section, as per Auckland Council’s consultation timeline.

You can find out more about the Wai Horotiu Queen Street Project, including the consultation timeline, here.

Queen Street network changes – consultation update

In early May, Aucklanders provided us with their feedback on a range of bus and roading changes that were proposed for Queen Street as a result of Auckland Council’s Wai Horotiu Queen Street Project, which is one piece of the puzzle transform our city centre as outlined in the City Centre Masterplan.

The proposed network changes were also designed to respond to the bus route changes resulting from the most recent stage of the City Rail Link works, which closed the Victoria St/Albert St intersection and reopened the Wellesley St/Albert St intersection in late June.

Your feedback

We received feedback on the proposed network changes from 973 people. Their feedback told us that there is wide support for the changes as proposed.

Support for elements in Phase 1&2

You can read the full Queen Street network changes feedback summary report here.


In early August, we were made aware that there was an omission in the network changes feedback summary report.

Auckland Transport takes the concerns of our business and freight community very seriously and we are committed to ensuring that their voice is heard in our consultative processes. We acknowledge that in this case we have let ourselves and our business partners down. We thank the National Road Carriers Association and Heart of the City for bring these omissions to our attention.

As a result, we have updated the report to include NRC’s specific feedback in the ‘Key stakeholders’ section. We have also updated throughout the report to reflect that feedback was provided on the topic of loading and servicing.

 Next steps

Subsequent to the consultation, Queen Street’s COVID-19 emergency works have been removed. The bus and roading changes that were proposed for the section of Queen Street between Customs Street and Shortland Street have been delivered through Auckland Council’s Wai Horotiu Queen Street Project and were included in this work to support the Council’s changes to the streetscape. They are:

  • A north-bound, peak hour bus lane (7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday)
  • Making interim changes to parking that prioritises loading and servicing over general parking.

The no right-turn from Shortland Street into Queen Street is also being retained.

NOTE: The issue of parking and loading from Shortland Street to Mayoral Drive was the subject of a separate consultation, which closed at the start of July. The feedback is currently being analysed.

Auckland Transport will monitor the impacts of these changes on traffic flows to determine whether any further work is required.

Finally, other feedback from this network consultation will be used to feed into the overall design of Queen Street, which Auckland Council will consult on with the community, in stages, over the coming 12 months.

You can find out more about progress with the Wai Horotiu Queen Street Project here.

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