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Alford Street, Waterview – Pedestrian improvements Alford Street, Waterview – Pedestrian improvements

Proposal status: closed 10 December 2018

Reference number: MIP1718-024

We're proposing changes in your area

We are proposing a new raised pedestrian crossing on Alford Street in Waterview. The proposed raised zebra crosssing contains pedestrian side islands, improved signage, and facilities for the vision impaired. We are currently investigating the requirements needed to retain the tree at this site.

Download the proposal drawing for Alford Street (PDF 1.2MB) 

Why the changes are needed

Alford Street is a straight, wide road, which currently does not have any crossing facilities nearby. These changes are needed to improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians. We have picked this location because of its proximity to the nearby primary school and playground. The crossing would also be used by walking school buses.