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Auckland Transport

Eden Park event road closuresEden Park road closures

Road closures and parking restrictions will be in place on event days at Eden Park.

Full closures

Only emergency services in emergency mode will be allowed access to these roads during stated closure times. Residents and businesses will be sent letters advising of the best access points. 

Managed closures

Traffic controllers on these roads will allow authorised vehicles, residents and their visitors access when possible. After games, pedestrian flow will take precedence and all roads will be closed to vehicles for approximately 30 minutes to help crowds disperse.

For more event day information, visit the Eden Park website.

Blues v Cheetahs

Friday, 12 May 2017, from 4.45pm.

Roads closed

  • 6pm - 10.30pm: Bellwood Ave (Cricket Ave to Marlborough St), Walters Rd (Sandringham Rd to Kowhai St), Cricket Ave and Reimers Ave.
  • 6pm - 8.30pm: Sandringham Rd (Burnley Terrace to New North Rd), Bellwood Ave (Marlborough St to Cromwell St), Walters Rd (Kowhai St to Cromwell St), Raleigh St, Marlborough St (Bellwood Ave to Onslow Rd), Onslow Rd (Sandringham Rd to Cromwell St), Kowhai St, Rossmay Terrace, Altham Ave.

Parking restrictions

  • 4.45pm - 10.30pm: Sandringham Rd, Onslow Rd, Walters Rd, Bellwood Ave, Burnley Tce, McDonald St, Altham Ave, Rossmay Tce, Gribblehirst Rd, Paice Ave, King Edward St, Parrish Rd, Alderley Rd, Carrick Pl, Lisnoe Ave, Leamington Rd, Kamahi St, Cromwell St, Ethel St, Shaw St, Collins St, Cricket Ave, Reimers Ave, Kowhai St, Raleigh St, Wellgarth St, Tongariro St, Taupata St, Malborough St, Ward Tce, McDonald St, New North Rd, Morningside Drive, Hurstmere Rd.