Safer villages and town centres: Mission Bay, St Heliers Village and West Lynn

New permanent 30km/h speed limits have been unveiled in three central village town centres - making them safer places to shop, study, live and work.

The town centres with changes are: St Heliers, Mission Bay and West Lynn.

80 per cent of all road deaths and serious injuries occur on 50km/h local urban roads.

Nearly half of those deaths and injuries involve vulnerable road users – including people walking and people on bikes or motorcycles.

AT is committed to making our roads safer for all road users and these changes will help improve safety for people walking and for people on bikes - including school children.

Auckland Transport’s (AT’s) Executive General Manager of Safety, Bryan Sherritt, says the changes will make this busy area much safer for everyone, but particularly children and the elderly who are enjoying Mission Bay, St Heliers or West Lynn.

Mr Sherritt says with travel speeds of 30km/h or less, the risk of death or serious injury for pedestrians who are involved in a collision with a car is significantly reduced.

“If someone makes a mistake on the road at 30km/h, and a collision with a pedestrian occurs, the pedestrian is more likely to walk away. At speeds greater than this the outcome is typically a severe injury or even death.”

“AT and our partners embrace Vision Zero principles - where we put safety at the heart of our business to make our road network safe for all users,” he says.

“As villages and town centres become increasingly busy we will provide more people-focused streets where families feel safe and actually are safe.”

The speed changes have the support of the Ōrakei Local Board, the businesses and local communities, and the Waitematā Local Board.

St Heliers Business Association Chair Peter Jones says: “I am pleased to see safety improvements for our village that will assist business growth and safety. AT has indeed listened to the concerns from the Business Association and I’m grateful for that.”

New 30 km/h signs will provide cues to motorists to slow down and will foster a sense of safety for everyone, as well as indicate the slower speed environment.

AT is working through a multi-year safer speeds programme - to review and implement safe and appropriate speed limits; and to support our transport network to move people and goods effectively, efficiently and safely across Auckland. After public consultation, the Auckland Transport Board of Directors passed the Speed Limits Bylaw in October 2019 to set safe and appropriate speed limits on roads.

Learn more about the Town Centres safe speeds programme.