Unique 10 year transport plan developed for Waiheke

Auckland Transport (AT) has partnered with the Waiheke Local Board and together they consulted with the Waiheke community to produce a 10 year integrated transport plan for Waiheke.

The first of its kind in Auckland, the Waiheke 10 Year Transport Plan envisions Waiheke's ideal transport network for its people, character and future. The plan sets out Waiheke’s aspirations for its transport system, as defined by the community during consultation.

As an outcome of Auckland Council's Governance Framework Review, AT and the Waiheke Local Board collaborated to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). One of the key actions resulting from the MoU was the development of the plan.

The Waiheke community was consulted on the draft plan between 25 July and 25 August 2019.

Chair of the Waiheke Local Board, Cath Handley, says the community provided its view on what were the most important and least important projects, as well as suggesting new projects not included in the draft plan.

"Some recurring themes in the feedback were around improving road safety and reducing speeds, increasing the number of footpaths and cycleways on the island – particularly for children to get to and from school – and protecting the environment by incorporating stormwater runoff and coastal erosion safeguards into roading projects.

"The plan will also ensure that Waiheke’s character is reflected in the design of our transport network and that our plans for a zero carbon future are supported by AT in its transport planning."

AT's head of integrated network planning Andrew McGill says the plan recognises the pressures Waiheke is experiencing, especially due to tourism and population growth.

"Keeping Waiheke at the heart of the planning process, the Waiheke Local Board and AT have developed this plan with the community and the final product aligns with the needs and wants of this important and unique place.

"The plan sets out a priority list of projects to be proposed for funding as part of the Regional Land Transport Plan during the period 2021 to 2031. Existing projects, those to which AT has already committed funding, are not part of this plan. It will evolve over time and there will be further opportunity for consultation around the individual projects."

Some of the 100 projects in the plan include a masterplan of the Kennedy Point ferry terminal area, new park and ride investigations, safety improvements on Ostend Road, and cycling and pedestrian improvements around schools - including along Donald Bruce Road.

Find out more or download the Waiheke 10 Year Transport plan.