Waiheke 10-Year Transport Plan reviewed as delivery continues Waiheke 10-Year Transport Plan reviewed as delivery continues

An updated Waiheke 10-Year Transport Plan has now been approved, as the 18-month review shows more projects have already been delivered than originally planned.

The Waiheke 10-Year Transport Plan communicates the jointly-agreed future of transport on Waiheke Island between the Waiheke Local Board and Auckland Transport (AT).

The plan sets out Waiheke’s goals for its transport system, particularly on the island, and takes a strategic view of the island’s future - considering its economy and role.

It provides a prioritised list of projects, plans, services and processes on Waiheke Island to be considered for funding from 2021 to 2031.

The plan was publicly consulted on in 2019 and approved by the Waiheke Local Board and AT Board in 2020.

AT’s Andrew McGill, Head of Integrated Network Planning, says: “It was agreed that every three years a major review of the plan would be made, with a mid-lifecycle minor review every 18 months.”

“This mid-lifecycle review includes new projects suggested by the public in the last consultation and identifies projects which have been completed or are planned/committed in the next year.”

Mr McGill says this plan has proved useful in shaping how AT works on Waiheke and what is delivered.

“It has provided a clear, integrated intent for AT’s work and far more projects have been delivered than planned, through leveraging existing AT programmes. Fourteen projects have been completed and a further 11 have been planned or committed for in the next financial year.”

Cath Handley, Waiheke Local Board Chair, says the plan has given the local board a structure by which to approach all conversations with Auckland Transport - a structure that was completely absent previously.

“It has also attracted funding in AT’s long-term plan, which small individual projects couldn’t attract in their own right.”

The updated plan has been approved by the Waiheke Local Board and the AT Board.

See more on the plan and projects at: https://at.govt.nz/about-us/transport-plans-strategies/waiheke-10-year-transport-plan/