Supplier Code of Conduct Supplier Code of Conduct

At Auckland Transport we’re committed to ensuring great outcomes for our customers and communities, and Māori of Tamaki Makaurau, whilst ensuring a fair, safe, responsible and sustainable approach to business.

The purpose of the Supplier Code of Conduct (the Code) is to offer minimum standards and expectations applicable to all suppliers providing goods and services to Auckland Transport.

We acknowledge that achieving principles set out in the Code will be an ongoing and collaborative process. We encourage suppliers, at a minimum, to:

  • Meet the principles set out in this Code or have established a clear goal toward meeting the principles set forth in the Code.
  • Actively review, monitor and modify their management processes and business operations to ensure alignment with the principles in the Code.

We reserve the right to verify your compliance with the Code and require you to cooperate and provide supporting evidence upon request. Where we consider that you are not compliant with the Code, we will contact you as soon as possible so that you can investigate the non-compliance.

Where you consider Auckland Transport is not compliant with the Code, please contact us at and we will investigate the non-compliance.

In some circumstances you may have your own Supplier Code of Conduct. In this instance we will compare the principles of our respective Code and expect any supplier to work with Auckland Transport to resolve any material differences.

We will review the Code annually to ensure that the Code accurately reflects best practice.

Take action

We request that an authorised person from your organisation read and accept, by email, your organisation's commitment to sustainable business practices, and our Supplier Code of Conduct. We thank you for supporting our commitment to responsible business, and for embracing sustainability as a critical business requirement.

Express your commitment to our Supplier Code of Conduct by filling in the Auckland Transport Supplier Code of Conduct Acknowledgement document (.DOCX 51KB) and emailing it to us.

Download AT’s Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF 6MB)

If you have any questions or feedback about our process, please contact us at