Road & footpath maintenance Road & footpath maintenance

Auckland Transport carries out work to maintain and improve our roads. Activities range from minor maintenance and road sweeping to traffic surveys and major construction. 

Report road and footpath maintenance issues

Let us know if you have seen a road or footpath that needs maintenance, for example potholes in the road and uneven footpaths.

Please provide as much detail as possible, including if there is water involved, whether the problem could cause serious injury to a pedestrian, and the cause of damage if known.

Report a problem

Road maintenance

Mountain Road Bridge constructionMaintenance of roads is undertaken to ensure the safety of traffic and to sustain the use and appearance of the road. Typical maintenance activities include: 

  • Fixing pot holes.
  • Crack filling and sealing.
  • Minor reshaping.
  • Minor sealing.
  • Minor stabilising.
  • Surface correction.
  • Sweeping.

Resealing roads

Resealing is carried out every summer as part of a planned road maintenance programme. Resealing, repairs defects in the existing road surface and reduces the rate of further deterioration. The two main types of reseal treatments carried out are bitumen resealing (chipseals) and asphalt resurfacing (hot mix). 

Footpath maintenance

Typical maintenance activities include: 

  • Potholes
  • Loose chip or debris
  • Cracked surface
  • Slips
  • Repair of roadside furniture

Maintenance considerations

Maintenance considerations for all footpaths will:

  • Ensure the Asset Management Plan will recognise the life of each footpath design and location and provide for adequate funding for maintenance and renewal programmes.
  • Enforce the requirements for quality reinstatement of surfaces following development in or access to the street environment (in accordance with the Condition for Use of the Street by Utility Operators).
  • Implement 'sectioning' of the footpath asset to ensure quality reinstatement. This involves the identification of sections of footpath of a designated area. Work undertaken within a section, would then involve complete reinstatement of the entire section, rather than a patch. This technique reduces the 'patchwork' appearance and maximises pedestrian safety and amenity.
  • Ensure all future footpath upgrade or renewal works are recorded on a Geographic Information System to improve monitoring and programming of future footpath works. This includes footpath works by private developers and utility companies.

Street cleaning

Please contact Auckland Council if you have any further queries relating to cleaning of the streets and footpaths.

Auckland Council is responsible for the cleaning of the streets and footpaths, to keep the city looking clean and tidy. The litter bins are emptied daily.

This mainly takes place during the early hours of the morning and involves mechanically and manually sweeping the footpaths and streets, as well as collecting all the litter. A designated person with a hand-cart may also carry out spot-cleaning during the day.

The cleaning schedule varies throughout the region with high-use areas such as the CBD being cleaned continually throughout the day. The shopping areas in the suburbs are cleaned nightly. Main arterial routes are swept weekly and residential streets are swept approximately every twelve weeks. Frequencies and exact cleaning schedules are planned appropriate to an area's use.